Blue Giant

Dai Miyamoto is a saxophonist with a dream – to become the world’s greatest jazz player. After graduating from high school, he moves to Tokyo to embark on his jazz career. There, he forms a band with talented pianist Yukinori Sawabe, and fledgling drummer Shunji Tamada. Together, the three boys pour their hearts into developing their talents as jazz players, in the hopes of landing a gig. Continue reading

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The Boy and the Heron

12-year-old Mahito is distraught when his mother dies in a fire after an air raid on Tokyo. But to make matters worse, his father remarries his mother’s younger sister, and the whole family moves to the countryside. Feeling isolated and unsettled in a strange new household, Mahito finds himself drawn into a strange, fantastical world of talking birds and mysterious magic. Continue reading

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In the world of Aionios, the nations of Agnus and Keves are locked in a never-ending war. In each nation, soldiers with a mere ten-year lifespan are sent out to fight each other and collect life energy for their ‘Flame Clocks’. But a chance encounter with a third party grants three Kevesi and three Agnian fighters a new power, and freedom from the cycle of life and death. Can they use this power to free their world from its eternal war? Continue reading

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Metal Dogs

The future is bleak. Humanity is gone. Japan has become a desert wasteland, patrolled by vicious mechanical monsters. But in this post-apocalyptic world, an unlikely hero emerges. Pochi, a Shiba Inu with a machine gun, is on the warpath, and nothing can stand in his cute but deadly way. Continue reading

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Film promo art

Ever since her mother died, Suzu has struggled to fit in. Naturally inclined towards shyness, she withdraws from every social situation – at least, in the real world. For in the virtual reality known as “U”, Suzu is “Belle”, a beloved idol with millions of followers. But just as U can be a place for you to become your best self, so too can it reveal a hidden darkness, as Belle discovers when she meets the infamous fighter known as the Beast.

Although I haven’t kept up with his newer output, in the past I’ve had an enjoyable time Continue reading

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The Promised Neverland

Emma, Ray and Norman, protagonists of The Promised Neverland

The children of Grace Field House orphanage lead an idyllic life. Under the supervision of their caretaker Isabella, every day is fun and wholesome. But when one of their number is adopted, two of the oldest children discover the truth – far from being sent to live with new families, the children’s ultimate fate is to be eaten by demons. Armed with this new information, can the children figure out a way to escape? Continue reading

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ginger cat confronts large mutated eyes In the distant future of a world where humanity is long gone, a ginger cat whiles away his days with his fellow felines. But when a plummet into the unknown takes him into a dome populated with sentient robots, his adventure begins. Continue reading

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Ratchet and Clank: the movie

On the planet Veldin, a young Lombax named Ratchet works as a mechanic, all the while dreaming that he’s destined for something more. Meanwhile, the villainous Chairman Drek has started blowing up planets across the Solana Galaxy, forcing the heroic Galactic Rangers to take up arms against him and his army of bad guys. But the Galactic Rangers could really use a new recruit to round out their numbers – could this be the opportunity Ratchet has been looking for? Continue reading

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Rebuild of Evangelion movies

A few months ago, all four of the Rebuild of Evangelion movies appeared on Amazon Prime. This marked my first opportunity to watch the fourth and final movie in the series, but since a fair number of years had passed since I’d seen the others, I decided to just start afresh and watch all of them. Having now completed that task, the time feels right to pen some thoughts about the experience. Continue reading

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Chainsaw Man

In a world where devils are real and humans are frequently on the menu, Denji has only one concern – trying to earn enough money to pay off his deceased father’s debt to the Yakuza. But when Denji gets killed on the job, his pet dog devil Pochita fuses with him, reviving Denji as the powerful Chainsaw Man! His new powers bring Denji to the attention of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, who soon offer him a job. But hunting Devils is grisly work – will even his new Chainsaw Man powers be enough to keep Denji safe? Continue reading

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