Fate/Stay Night: Shirou Harem Diaries Part Two

Entry 05
Saber’s initiation into the main harem went reasonably smoothly; Taiga objected at first but after losing a brief duel she had no choice but to accept that we need a woman around to fill the “knight of justice” role. Unfortunately, although Saber came up with the great idea of sleeping in my room I had to decline as it would upset the balance too much- we can always meet up in the middle of the night if necessary.

Things aren’t going so well on the Rin front, however; at school today she actually tried to attack me! I suppose it makes for a more interesting relationship, but I hope that she’ll settle down soon.

Entry 06

Good news; Rin and I have put aside our differences for now, just as I knew we would. Hopefully from now on we’ll be working together- she can handle Holy Grail matters, and I’ll collect the women released in the fallout.

I have also identified yet another harem candidate, although unfortunately I was attacked whilst doing so- Rider, the bondage queen. Saber is most insistent that I let her fight Rider, but I really don’t want my goods getting damaged.

Entry 07

It seems the associated problems increase exponentially with each harem member I add. Rin has made a complete turnaround and now wants to spend more time with me; naturally I’m happy to walk to school and spend lunchtimes with her, but I worry that Sakura is getting jealous.

Anyway, regardless of that, Rin and I did get to spend a lot of time together in school today, hunting down and removing magical symbols. Even though this is more on the Holy Grail side of things, Rin assures me that we could meet up with a new servant and master, hopefully of the female persuasion.

Entry 08

I have to say some of the other masters don’t seem to have got the hang of these harem wars at all. Shinji actually offered to become my ally today- doesn’t he realise I’m not interested in other men? All I want from him is Rider.

In other news, Rin has finally decided to move in with me- we had the usual rumblings of discontent from the established harem members, but we were able to make up a few excuses to pacify them.

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