Meine Liebe Wieder parody: episode twelve


Naoji serves Camus tea.

Naoji: I know I should only do this for Lui, but since he sent me away I haven’t had the chance to wear my butler’s uniform and make tea as often as I’d like.

Cut to Beruze vs. King- dissolve into boss battle with FF8 battle music.

Beruze: I shall fight for a non-bishie world!

King: Kuchen shall ever be a shining example of bishiness for all of Europe!

Cut to Bernard, who is playing the Harmonium, then to Orphe, Ed, Camus and Naoji (four of the five pillars) as they prepare to leave Rosenstolz. Eilos tries to stop them, but Nicholas appears.

Nicholas: Your opponent is me. Materialise!

Elmunt and Daniel arrive to support Nicholas.

Eilos: Daniel, you too?

Daniel: I’m sorry, but you weren’t bishie enough to be my master. Delta attack!

The Pearl and Coral Otome (Rosenstolz students) arrive to help in the fight against Eilos.

Eilos: Does no one support me and my non-bishie ways?


Nicholas: Eilos, surely you can see that it’s important the powers of love and friendship carry the day?

Eilos: Yes, yes, you’re right- five minutes of exposition have opened my eyes after a lifetime of evilz. Go forth, Orphe, and set things right before the end of the season.

Orphe and the others leave and meet up with Lui- the five Pillars are together again!

Lui: Even though I’ve been stuck in seclusion for the last couple of episodes, I know more about what’s going on than the rest of you.

Lui updates the others on the situation before Gerald arrives and they launch their attack on the castle.

Cut to the throne room- Beruze vs the King, round 2, with Chrono Cross boss music.

Duke Forst: Wait a minute, I’m supposed to be the EVILZ leader of the conspiracy, let me have at least two seconds of screentime.

Beruze: Shut up, you’re just a convenience for the plot- everyone knows I’m the real villain!

Gerald and the five Pillars arrive.

Forst: Ludwig! His long bishie hair makes me tremble in fear.

Lui: Your Majesty, we shall use our Otome powers to protect you.

King: Thank you- I can no longer materialise since I slept with Barty too many times.

Battle start- Isaac vs Orphe, with Chrono Cross battle music. Everyone else stands around and does nothing.


Orphe draws sword, Isaac draws gun. Each waits for their ATB to fill before attacking. After round 1, Isaac is kneeling on the ground at the mercy of Orphe’s sword.

Isaac: This is just like the old days- the bondage games we used to play…

Orphe: We can play those games again, Isaac, you just need to come back to the side of good.

Isaac: I’m sorry, but I must protect my child.

Beruze: Isaac, you fool! I was just using my pregnancy to manipulate you- but I’ve already had an abortion!

Isaac gasps. FFX battle system is used to swap out Isaac for Beruze in the enemy party.

Beruze: Now it’s my turn.

The door opens and Headmaster Barty enters! After a nod to his lover, the king, he switches into the active party. Everyone else remains motionless.

Barty: I’m back, and I have levelled up through many months in the penis airship.

Beruze: Excellent- let the final boss battle (phase one) begin.

To be continued.

Coming soon- Gunslinger Wieder
Camus and Leohart are fratello (siblings), but not just in the conventional sense of the word. A terminal patient ‘saved’ by the Kuchen Bishie Welfare Agency, Camus was the recipient of cybernetic implants, along with mental conditioning that erased all memory of his past. Leohart is his handler, the man in charge of overseeing not only his welfare, but the training required to transform him into a top class Flower Otome. Their job is nothing less than to hunt down non-bishies and spread HARD GAYNESS throughout the country.

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