Pumpkin Scissors parody 14 part II

“Why is there a description of Cane techniques here?”

“The waterworks president came over to give me Cane in exchange for releasing that generic.”

“I’m afraid it is standard procedure, you know.”

“You know, even if you are a main character, we don’t actually have the authority to investigate this whole Viagra business.

“…Unless, of course, we just happened to spot someone in the process of using it…”

(“My loophole sense is tingling!”)

“Now excuse me, I need to study this Cane position.”

“Leave the plot to us!”

“And along the way, we’d better get those refugees to the BI farm, since that was the initial story.”

“Come on, man, I can’t afford to keep buying Viagra at these prices!”

“Not so fast, bud- there are plenty of people here ready to pay over the odds for a little boost.”

“What’s this? Selling Viagra again?”

“I will not allow the sale of Viagra to taint the purity of BI!”

“Not this again.”

“What, you’re showing me bondage this time?”

“You do know this is pointless, right?”

“Oh, I don’t know- this little game of catch and release will at least eat up some screen time.”

“Ah, free at last- that took all of five seconds.”

“Damn you! I’m arresting you for possession of Viagra…again!”

“You’d better give me all the juicy details about Cane!”

“I’m here to buy my underling’s freedom…again!”

“My Cane is displeased!”

“Fewer people have been buying Viagra and giving me BI in return!”

“I’ve had to resort to paying that Captain Hunks for Cane!”

“…had better put those mouths to use servicing my Cane!”

“That huge Cane!?”

“Hmm, then if not Cane, perhaps you’d like to give me another type of Pleasure.”

“Just name it, and we’ll give it a shot!”

“Then here, show me how good you are at Rifle.”

“What great Rifles!”

“We won’t be lacking in ‘ammunition’ either.”

“I’m looking forward to some good Rifle.”

“Of course!”

“Let’s just get some practice in first!”

“They have chosen Rifle over Cane- I can’t count on them to Pleasure me properly.”

“Luckily, I still have another lover to turn to- this guy from Huang Gai.”

“This is new- they’re trying to give us Rifle!”

“Did we actually manage successful Rifle?”

“They’re still up for more!”

“So, you like Gun, do you? Let me show you how good Gun can be!”

“Are they still up for more?”

“I think they’re satisfied for now.”

“Randel’s HARD GAY will wear anyone out.”

(“I have regular BI partners now- I have to suppress the old HARD GAY instincts!”)

“Those were pretty swish rifles for random generics, I must say; these events could be plot related.”

“I’m sensing a massive Pleasure aura!”

“It’s just like Randel’s insatiable HARD GAY aura!”

“Do you think it might be coming from that guy in front of us, by any chance?”

“I have no idea, so let’s just carry on regardless.”

“Looks like he’s a master of Flamethrower.”

“I thought Flamethrower was already banned.”

“The Flaming Pleasure it provides has caused many to die in the throes of BI.”

“I hate to say this, but it looks like he wants us to be his next Flamethrower partners.”

“Hello, I’m from the Huang Gai mobile recovery service, here to give you some Flaming Pleasure!”

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  1. Hysterical Woman says:

    If they keep arresting them, eventually the creepy bucktooth guy will go broke, and then the drug ring will die. Brilliant!

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