Saiunkoku Monogatari II 3

The BI revolution is spreading, but whilst our characters begin to try it out through various groupings, some of them decide to hold onto their HARD GAY ways, with Eigetsu rebuffing Kourin and Kokujun choosing to stick with Ryuuren. Is this the latest battle in the war between preferences?

“That’s it, generics- bow down to us and we might just give you one of these warm winter outfits- the height of fashion this season in Sa Province!”

“Gwakaka, you can tell I am a named character, for I have a more detailed design!”

Meanwhile, Eigetsu continues to study new HARD GAY techniques.

Kourin tries to distract him from HARD GAY by relying on the old adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Sadly, food and women cannot possibly distract Eigetsu from his studies.

“I thought you’d agreed to try this whole BI thing with her.”

“Since I prefer men, I ended up putting BI with Kourin to one side.”

“Anyway, right now all my Pleasure time is being spent on servicing myself.”

“Hyper Self Pleasure is so fulfilling that I almost forget that usually a second person is involved.”

“Anyway, I don’t have the energy to service anyone else these days- not even you, Ensei.”

“Don’t get the wrong idea- I wasn’t hinting that I might want HARD GAY from you or anything.”

“Although it has been a while since we last did it, and there was this new technique I wanted to try sometime…”

A group BI session is held up when it is revealed that Kai You is running behind schedule.

“Why do we need some old guy at this session anyway?”

“Don’t confuse age with a lack of Pleasuring ability.”

“I’d even go so far to say that his skills are superior to our own- and we’re main characters!”

“He is even skilled in the ways of HORSE!”

“Why, he is truly a match for the legendary HARD GAY of Shou Taishi and Sou Taifu.”

“I recall the days when Kai You and the old emperor would argue over who had the Zhugest Liang.”

“Why, they couldn’t even agree as to who was going to be on top!”

“Talking of Pleasure, have you been having BI with Ryuuren again, Shuurei?”


“Are he and Kokujun still a couple?”

“Looks like it.”

“…I could give him all the Pleasure he needs.”

“Although then again, maybe you need him more than I do, Kouyuu.”

“No matter how desperate I get, Ryuuren’s Flute is not an option!”

Kokujun has only praise for Ryuuren’s Flute.

“Shuurei’s home is a good place for HARD GAY, right?”

“Why, where else have you been staying?”

“We were planning to conduct our affair in the seclusion of my family home.”

“But when it turned out to be like the darkened set of a horror movie, we decided against it.”

“Then Sou Taifu invited us over for a bit.”

“Wow, even a committed Sword user like Sou Taifu fancies a taste of Ryuuren’s unique Flute.”

“Ryuuren is my first proper boyfriend, so I want to make the most of him before I have to go home to Shunki.”

“Kokujun, do you honestly like having Flute with Ryuuren?”

“Of course I do!”

“Although I don’t fully understand his HARD GAY techniques…”

“…they are truly heavenly nonetheless.”

“Yes, he truly is my favourite HARD GAY partner.”

Ryuuren once again proves to be a revelation in the fashion department.

“This is the outfit I have been looking for!”

“They are only after one thing.”

In SaiMono world, HORSE is never far away.

Reishin and Shouka peruse personals ads in search of some fresh partners.

“No matter how they try, no one will ever get me to open my eyes!”

“Who cares about you? What I really want is for Shuurei to stay here and give me regular BI!”

“Kurou is already arranging for he and Kouyuu to have BI with Shuurei and thus disguise their HARD GAY leanings.”

“Kouyuu would never hide his preferences in such a way- he is proud to be HARD GAY!”

“I, on the other hand, am BI- and thus I should have Shuurei!”

“Now I can have some HARD YURI instead of all this BI!”

“That’s right- Yuushun isn’t here, so it’ll just be you and me.”

“So, Eigetsu, is there anything wrong with this HARD GAY technique I wanted to try?”

“Not at all- I just need time to master it.”

“Bring me a HORSE so that I can practise!”

Yougetsu responds violently when Kourin tries to interrupt his Hyper Self Pleasure session with Eigetsu.

Meanwhile, Doctor You starts boasting about all the Liangs he has seen.

He even begins listing his favourite partners.

“Are you into women too?”

“Well, I might be…”

“Hello, I saw the two of you about to have HARD GAY and thought I might ask if I could join in.”

“If you just give me some HARD GAY, I’ll be happy to go on my way.”

“You will never get your hands on my Zhuge Liang!”

“Besides, a whippersnapper like you wouldn’t even be able to handle my intense HARD GAY without damaging themselves!”

“You fool- my HARD GAY is well able to withstand yours.”

“I have it when I want- and with who I want!”

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  1. Kitty says:

    I love your narration of the “plot behind the plot”. Reading your post is very entertaining while waiting for new episodes to be translated. Keep it up!! = )

  2. Kanny says:

    It was so cute about the picture of Shuurei and I thought she with Ryuuki are getting married! Just keeping up your hard work about this story!

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