Romance of the Three Kingdoms 47 [end]

It’s been a long road, but the end is finally in sight, or is it? For although our animated journey must end, the chaos is not over as the Three Kingdoms era properly begins…

“Let’s show Wu that Shu has the best HARD GAY!”

“For he is no match for the mighty Zhuge Liang!”

“Zhao Yun, three thousand men and their HORSES should be enough for your appetite.”

“Now, I shall arrange your HARD GAY, Zhang Fei…”

“This is what I’ve been waiting for!”

“Cooking meat” is a brand new euphemism for HARD GAY.

“In case you hadn’t already heard, I do know everything.”

“Good stuff! Cao Cao will Pleasure me tonight!”

“Liu Bei, you’ve spent the entire series running away, and so it is only right that you sit back and watch from a safe place tonight.”

“Hey, why don’t I get to be a part of the HARD GAY? Am I not allowed to see your Sword?”

“Actually, I have the perfect position for you.”

“But I’m not sure if you’ll be able to perform.”

“After all, hasn’t Cao Cao spoiled you for other men?”

“I can’t deny that I slept with him, but he was merely average in the bedroom!”

“Just tell me what sort of HARD GAY you want, and I’ll give it to you!”

“Basically, that means that you can lie about your size, or pretend it was good when it wasn’t, and no one will think any the worse of you.”

Cao Cao looks forward to some HARD GAY.

(“Hmm, what an interesting method- I can’t wait to try it out!”

Before…“This HARD GAY has to be perfect!”

And after… “ah yes, that was most pleasing.”

“I nominate you to service Huang Gai.”

“Gwakaka, I cannot possibly lose!”

“Your inevitable victory is already being threatened!”

“Foiled again! Damn you, Zhuge Liang!”

“Give them Flaming ARROW, boys!”

“Why is this happening? Why am I losing yet again?”

“It’s just not fair, damn it!”

Sometimes the simplest lines are the best ones.

Cao Cao turns to the only avenue left to him- good, reliable HORSE.

“Is the HORSE that good?”

“I was just thinking how pathetic Zhuge Liang was not to set up an ambush, gwakakaka!”

“Oh wait, they did set an ambush- how’s that for irony?”

One can truly be bowled over by the eloquence of this series.

Is anyone else getting a sense of déjà vu?

“Time for HARD GAY, Cao Cao!”

“Why do I keep getting ambushed every time I gloat about how I haven’t been ambushed?”

“I’ve been wrong twice, but this time there cannot possibly be an ambush!”

“Hello, it’s your friendly neighbourhood ambush.”

“Sir, Guan Yu was your HARD GAY lover- he will surely let you go.”

“Cao Cao, I am here for forceful HARD GAY.”

“Guan Yu, don’t you remember how gentle I was in the bedroom? Let me show you again!”

“Do not bring out your Sword- I am the one giving HARD GAY tonight!”

“Damn him- he’s going to violate my men!”

“Don’t you remember the rough HARD GAY you once had with my generals- Pleasure so intense that it killed them?”

“Just have HARD GAY with him, Father!”

“I cannot knowingly give fatal HARD GAY to him- it is not heroic.”

“And there are no episodes left for me to return and try to get revenge on those meddling heroes!”

“Wait, what am I saying? No villain worth his chair gives up this easily! Gwakakaka!”

“You couldn’t even have HARD GAY with Cao Cao? Then as punishment I shall take you by force!”

“Take me too- I love that sort of kinky stuff!”

“Don’t do it- true Pleasure comes from mutual consent!”

“After all, you do know everything.”

“Indeed I do.”

“That would ruin the story.”

“These forty-seven episodes were just a prologue!”

“…for these were chaotic times.”

“…in the nonexistent season two!”

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