Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles

The battle against the Ghoul in Divergence Eve has resonated through time and space, leaving Earth in a state of temporal flux that separates it from the rest of the universe. Suspecting that the AWOL Misaki might be the cause of the problems, Lyar and her team must travel into Earth’s past and try to set things right.

Despite being filled with fanservice and ridiculous breast sizes, the first season of Divergence Eve proved to be an enjoyable sci-fi story; as always, however, there remained the lurking fear that the second season would not live up to what had come before. Fortunately, although different from its predecessor, Misaki Chronicles proves to be well worth watching.

With all the background in place from the first series, Misaki Chronicles is able to focus more on the characters, exploring the doubts, fears and difficulties of trying to correct time and space itself. The technobabble is still very much in evidence, of course (as are the impossible bosoms), but now we have the chance to look not only into Misaki’s past, but to flesh out supporting characters such as Lyar, all the while tying up loose ends from the first series as best as possible. It can get a little confusing at times- especially if it’s been a while since you saw the first season- but overall it’s another dose of solid science-fiction.

Visually, Misaki Chronicles is much the same as the first series, with attractive female characters and unfortunately ugly CG vehicles. With several of the episodes now set in various periods of Earth’s history, the ambience of the series has changed a bit, with the enclosed, technological feel of Watcher’s Nest less prevalent than before.

Final Thoughts

Although somewhat different in tone to the first season, Misaki Chronicles is a worthy follow-up to the original Divergence Eve. If you like your sci-fi, there is no reason not to give this one a chance.

Tier: Bronze+

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