Shin Weekly Round Up: March 16th


Karura has left you again this weekend for pastures old, but technology is on her side as she presents this, the latest weekly round-up!

Reviewed this week: Ano Natsu 10, Another 10, Aquarion 11 Black Rock Shooter 6, Hunter X Hunter 22, Last Exile 18-19, Mirai Nikki 21, Mouretsu 10, Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 10-11, Nisemonogatari 10, Symphogear 10

Ano Natsu de Matteru 10

Now that Kaitou and Ichika are officially a couple, it’s time for the dominoes to start falling as everyone decides to come clean with their feelings (that is, those who haven’t already). While Tetsuro must face up to the truth, Kanna must find her way out of her mire of depression, but will she be able to move on? I always hope that the Kanna’s of this world can cry and then move on, because nothing is more painful to see than the false hope card that so many series get so much mileage out of.

Coming next week: amidst all the love angst, Ichika’s alien sister has shown up. Where will the series go from here?


Another 10

Upon listening to the advice of previous cursed classes, the survivors of Class 2-3 learn that the true way to end the curse is to kill the classmate who is already dead. But how can they find out the identity of the person who so skilfully inserted themselves into the class? Where would they begin to find out? Well, it turns out that Misaki has the previously unmentioned ability to use her glass doll eye to see how close someone is to death, but because of the plot wrinkles this would have caused, she had also sworn not to use this ability to speed up the end of the series. Can things finally be sorted out now? Well, not quite – there are still two episodes left to fill before we can finally leave Another behind.


Izumo feels a stab of jealousy.


Meanwhile, in the Pleasure room…



The evening begins with a spot of bondage.


“Beg me for it, bitch!”



“That’s it!”


This scene had to be censored for the sake of all concerned.


Next: pure bestiality.


“Penetrate me!”


Proudly displaying his love bite.




It’s hard to be the one left behind.


Aquarion EVOL 11

There are times when even Aquarion can get too ridiculous for its own good, and this is one of those times. Filled with thoughts of splendid HARD GAY, Altair’s resident angel frees Kagura and also somehow gives him the ability to change into a giant black wolf-beast so that he can wreak havoc on his way to Vega. In the meantime, Amata attempts to communicate his feelings to Mikono, but her mind is filled with thoughts of Kagura. Which one of these redheads is the true Appollon?


Black Rock Shooter 6

The time has come to finally explain the link between the real world and this mysterious alternate reality where Black Rock Shooter and her peers battle it out between themselves – apparently this is Yuu’s own World of Angst, where she, Saya and others can foist off all their bad feelings into alternate selves who then fight each other. Or something. I mean, when you try to analyse it in any depth, it doesn’t make much sense. There’s an alter ego who shoulders your pain and expresses it as physical combat, but somehow when they’re defeated all the pain vanishes with them? Don’t do what I’m doing right now and try to think about it too deeply, or you’ll drive yourself mad- just enjoy the pretty fight sequences and forget the rest. Oh, and now that Dead Master is gone, so are Yomi’s feelings for Mato. So the friendship that they both went through so much to establish no longer even exists. Really, what was the point?


Last Exile Ginyoku no Fam 18-19

Or episodes 20-1, depending on your numbering scheme. Anyway, given that that whole war thing dragged on a bit and was really becoming a bit of a bore, everyone’s happy to sign a peace treaty and start dancing at balls and stuff. Well, almost everyone, because given that Liliana tried to destroy parts of the world with Exiles, the Turanian government doesn’t really want to see her reinstated, and would much rather Milia took the throne. For her part, Liliana says that she did what she did because the world is overpopulated, and, strangely enough, people seem less concerned with her rationale for genocide than with the fact that she’s been branded a witch. It’s all very odd and completely incorrectly pitched on an emotional level, which makes you wonder how anyone at Gonzo can think this monstrosity they’ve created is any good. Do they know it’s all beyond ridiculous and are just pulling this trainwreck to it destination as they have done so many times before, or do they think they’ve actually crafted something of worth?

By episode 19, however, Liliana has died defending Luscinia from Dian’s attack, which means that Millia is now the key to Exile, giving her fresh understanding of her sister’s perspective and motives. Meanwhile, Luscinia decides it’s high time for a final boss battle involving Grand Exile, which should occupy the last couple of episodes and take up the rest of the show’s budget.


Mirai Nikki 21

It’s Ninth’s swan song in this episode as the crazy bomber who somehow became more likable (and certainly better dressed) throughout the course of the show sacrifices her life in the hopes of taking down the loathsome Eleventh. But when even this doesn’t prove to be enough, it’s up to Yuno to take a break from her latest killing spree to demonstrate that we still don’t quite know everything about her. And if we are to learn, we’d better hurry, as with Deus’ power on the wane, it looks as if the world itself might be about to implode. No pressure there then, Yukiteru.


Mouretsu Pirates 10

While Chiaki pretends not to love living it up in full pirate regalia, Marika and Gruyère are off searching for the golden ghost ship, although to do that they first have to get through the level of Ranger Fox known as Fire Space. Yet again, the series fails to make itself engaging or exciting in any way.


Natsume Yuujinchou Shi 10-11

The Houzuki/Fuzuki competition story concludes in episode 10, as Natsume and Natori work together to find the real Houzuki and beat Fuzuki to capturing the beast – all the while hiding Natsume’s true identity from the youkai. I’ve never known Natsume not to deliver and this week is no exception; we have Nyanko-sensei in both large and small form, (mostly) beautiful animation, an engaging story and great characters. All I can really do is echo these sentiments every week.

Episode 11 is a pleasant reminder of how much there is still to explore in the world of the series. Natsume is having fun with his friends, exploring the possibility of visiting a rumoured natural soda spring, when he learns that a buyer has finally been found for the house he lived in with his parents until their untimely demise. Is Natsume ready to accept both the memories of the past and the happiness he has found in the present? Will we ever find out more about Reiko and how she went from being a loner with only youkai for companions to starting a family of her own? Not that it matters if these revelations come slowly, since this series is all about the journey, and what a tranquil and beautiful journey it is.


After all these years, do you really need to ask that?

Nisemonogatari 10

With the end of the series rapidly approaching, even Nisemonogatari had to stop faffing around this week and actually get on with the Tsukihi Phoenix story. Well, I say that, but don’t be misled – a rather substantial portion of the episode is taken up with Arararagi taking Shinobu to buy doughnuts, and naturally along the way he manages to undress Tsukihi and grab one of her breasts for the sheer hell of it. In due course, however, plot related things actually happen, as the two women who showed up last episode visit the Araragi house to rid it of the phoenix that resides within Tsukihi. How this will all be wrapped up next episode is anyone’s guess, but at least this episode was a vast improvement on the past few instalments.


Persona 4 the Animation 22

It’s time to go to Heaven (or at least a TV world representation of it) to rescue Nanako-chan from Namatame’s clutches and put an end to everything…or maybe not. I can’t say too much for fear of spoiling what will come next, but this was a solid episode, although I kind of want the series to pretend to go for the bad ending next week just to annoy everyone.


Symphogear 10

A giant Noise ship full of Noise has descended on the city, and when Tsubasa and Hibiki can’t quite keep up with the damage control, it’s down to Chris to reluctantly join the hero team again and use her long range missiles to clear the enemy. Meanwhile, Ryoko gets short for extremely bad use of Engrish, and what’s really going on becomes even less clear. Yet I am willing to forgive the show those minor points, because it’s still highly entertaining. And, unlike Mouretsu, at 13 episodes it won’t be overstaying its welcome.

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