Mai-Otome 0 ~S.ifr~ 1

Apologies for not posting for a few days; some idiot (not me) forgot to pay for the internet this month.

They said it didn’t need to be done, but it was- a prequel to the greatest trainwreck of all time, Mai-Otome 0. And thus, in true Azure Flame tradition, we could not merely let the situation pass- for where Otome exists, so does parody. So, join us as we delve into the past, to the days of Rena Sayers and the King of Windbloom- to a terrible era devoid of fat grey cats…

The future John Smith (currently known as ‘Kiddo’) plots to kidnap the main character and take her place. Continue reading “Mai-Otome 0 ~S.ifr~ 1”

Mai-Otome Zwei 4: the end…for now

It’s been a long road, getting from there to here…and sadly, it is by no means over yet. As Mai- threatens to become a mega-franchise to rival the greats, we learn that Zwei is not the end, but merely the beginning of a spate of spin-offs and cash-ins that could last until we are all old and grey. More on that later, however, for now we must go forth and rejoice at the conclusion of this OVA. Continue reading “Mai-Otome Zwei 4: the end…for now”

Mai-Otome Remix: The ‘True’ Otome Part II


Wind Bloom
Once a significant world power, Wind Bloom has lost status over the generations thanks to a number of ineffectual rulers, but nonetheless retains much of its influence on the world stage thanks the existence of Garderobe within its borders. The previous king and queen were considered capable rulers with a chance of restoring Wind Bloom to its former glory, but died in mysterious circumstances along with the king’s Otome, Rena. Although the cause of death was ruled to be an accident, there are those who suspect that Prime Minister Sergey had something to do with it.

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Mai-Otome Remix: The ‘True’ Otome Part I

This is not Mai-Otome as you saw it onscreen (and for that you must be thankful); this is Mai-Otome as it should have been, and hence much has been liberally changed whilst retaining the essence of the original.

An Otome is classified as any woman injected with self-replicating internal nanomachines that enable her to materialise a protective armoured robe and weapon. Otome are valued throughout the world for their superior education and fighting abilities, and although the cost of contracting them is very high, many leaders choose to do so anyway.

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Mai-Otome Zwei 3: Less nipples, more fat cats, please

I have to admit that I have been terribly wrong about Mai-Otome. How could I, holder of a degree in physics, possibly understand its depth and complexity as well as the random grammatically challenged flamers who came to my blog to comment? Indeed, I totally failed to grasp the deeper implications and cutting social commentary behind Maya and Ain removing everyone’s bikini tops; for that reason, this post will differ from the last two in dispensing with any attempt to grasp the greater plot, and instead rely more on amusing screencaps.

Note: the real reason Iâ’m doing the post this way is because I was watching the raw in the car and didn’t catch all the dialogue.

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Mai-Otome Zwei episode 2: where’s the plot?

Chie tries pulling a plot out of her magical hat.

A lot has happened over the last three months, but I’m sure most will agree that events worldwide, personal and anime-related must all pale in comparison to the release we’ve all been waiting for- the second episode of Mai-Otome Zwei. In episode one, a mysterious Shadow Otome started petrifying powerful and God Mode supporting characters, Arika and Mashiro had an argument over generic protesters in Wind Bloom, and Mai and Arika protected Black Valley from a giant Slave of the week. This time around, Mai and Mashiro have gone missing for some reason, and on her way to find them, Arika finds herself in the middle of a bus-jacking in Aries. Exciting stuff, eh? No, I didn’t think so either.

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Just when I thought I was done with Mai-Otome, I realised I needed to talk about Zwei


For my last few Otome articles, I’ve repeatedly said that I don’t have much more to say about the franchise. Now seems as good a time as any to admit that that never seems to be the case; until the day when I can play as Mikoto in my own isometric battle game, there will always be something more to say about Mai-Otome- and maybe one day I will even be clever enough to understand the complex plot that one troll commenter seems to believe it has.

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Mai-Otome: the manga

I’ve never been stuck for things to write about Mai-Otome- indeed, some might even venture to claim that I have already said enough about it. Nonetheless, such claims are not enough to deter me, and so the time has come to turn my sights to the recently completed Otome manga.

As I wrote in an earlier rant, for a while I was wary of even starting the Otome manga; if it was to the anime what the HiME manga was to its respective anime, the horrors contained within could easily be too much for any sane mind to bear. Even so, as the weeks passed, the nagging curiosity that has led me into so many dark and dangerous places persuaded me to download the manga and give it a try. Continue reading “Mai-Otome: the manga”

Rant Bonus Round: Mai-Otome Revisited

No, I haven’t done anything as insanely foolish as attempt to rewatch the series; however, lengthy as it was, I’ve come to feel that my first rant about Otome just didn’t quite cover everything. And so it is that I return to the stage of Otome ranting to present you with the second part, entitled “why am I still subjecting myself to this?”. Continue reading “Rant Bonus Round: Mai-Otome Revisited”

Mai-Otome, or how to deface a franchise in 26 easy steps

Spoiler warning: this rant will unashamedly give away the plot for the entirety of Mai-Otome and most of HiME.

In October 2005, life seemed good; a sequel to Mai-HiME had begun airing in Japan, and it seemed to be all anyone could talk about. Fans of the original were looking forward to bigger and better adventures, whilst newcomers to the franchise were looking forward to finally seeing what all the fuss was all about. Flash forward half a year, and the embittered survivors could only agree on one thing- somewhere along the line, something had gone horribly, horribly wrong. Continue reading “Mai-Otome, or how to deface a franchise in 26 easy steps”