Dark Side Gaming Rant: Nier


Nier and his pals – a talking book, a foul-mouthed warrior and Jack Skellington Jr.

I think I’m supposed to like Nier. Back when it was released, all the reviews seemed favourable, and in the intervening years, people still spoke positively about it. And when a sequel was announced, I thought I’d better finally take my copy off the shelf and give it a whirl.

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Dark Side Gaming Rant: SaGa Frontier 2

In the first gaming era, I was a lot less selective than I am now; if it even remotely resembled an RPG, I had to play it- and more so if was created by the then Squaresoft. Back in those days, I was a hopeless Final Fantasy fangirl, and so everything they produced had to be great- didn’t it?

Sadly, there was a rude awakening ahead of me, and it was to begin with this game- SaGa Frontier 2. Due to their lack of availability in the UK, I had remained blissfully ignorant of the SaGa franchise up until this point, but even though this is said to be one of the better games in the series, it was to be the one that put me off investigating any of the others.

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Dark Side Gaming Rant: Koudelka

Any gamers who frequent this blog will more than likely be familiar with the Shadow Hearts series of games, but not so many will be aware that those games also have a prequel- a PSOne RPG named Koudelka. Ironically intended to be a breakout game that would revitalise the apparently stagnant RPG genre, the finished product was a game so poor that the lucky ones were those who had indeed never played or even heard of it.

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Dark Side Gaming Rant: Ehrgeiz

Of all the games Squaresoft made, the with the most ignominious history must surely be Ehrgeiz, an arcade fighting game that made its way onto PSOne with the addition of a dungeon quest and some mini-games. It had different game modes and cameos from Final Fantasy VII characters, but the one thing it didn’t have was much in the way of quality.

Arcade Mode
To be fair, even though I don’t particularly crave it when I’m not playing, despite its flaws, the arcade beat-‘em-up aspect of the game is the best part, and I do occasionally have bouts of trying my luck at it. Even so, this isn’t to say that it is particularly good- because if it was, why would I even be ranting about it? Continue reading “Dark Side Gaming Rant: Ehrgeiz”

Dark Side Gaming Rant: Legend of Dragoon

In the wake of Final Fantasy 7, everyone wanted to grab a piece of the action, and so it was that RPG creators sought to capitalise on whatever it was that was making the public buy the game by copying and pasting them into their own role-playing epics. One such game thus created is the infamous Legend of Dragoon, an RPG that proves oddly addictive when playing it and entirely frustrating in both past and present memory. Replete with problems as nearly every aspect of its gaming system is, it is truly one of the most deserving candidates ever to be given a Dark Side Gaming Rant.

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Dark Side Gaming Rant: Alundra 2

Sometimes it’s hard to remember why you bought a game in the first place. Alundra 2 is one such game, and whilst I don’t even own it anymore, it felt as if the time had come to explain to everyone just how bad this game was.

Despite nominally being a sequel to the original Adventures of Alundra, Alundra 2 has basically nothing to do with the first game other than being an action RPG with some shared healing items. You take on the role of pirate hunter Flint, a silent young man who finds himself battling sorcerer Mephisto and his army of clockwork monsters. Aside from the quite sinister practice of inserting wind-up keys into people and thus turning them to clockwork, the tone of the game is generally light and comedic, a far cry from the depressing “one character dies every arc” style of the original.

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Dark Side Gaming Rant: Final Fantasy VII

In order to aid the short attention spans of today, pictures will appear sporadically.

Welcome to a new section of the blog, one in which ranting takes a new direction as I temporarily move away from attacking anime in order to turn my attention onto games. These ‘Dark Side’ rants aren’t like the normal moans, however, for in them I shall abandon my usual writing persona to adopt a more informal ‘Dark Side’ personality, who finds even more faults than I do in my default state. And so, let the ravaging begin with that one RPG that brought many of us into the gaming fold- Final Fantasy 7.

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