Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grad

In a world where humans live in fear of being possessed by the demonic beings known as Shadows, one boy has been locked in darkness all his life. As the host of the Blue Dragon Grad, fifteen year old Ral has been shut away to prevent the powerful demon from ever manifesting, but now that a new force of deadly Shadows threatens his country, he is let out into the light for the first time. Motivated by respect for his teacher and desire to feel women’s boobs, Ral sets off on a journey to save humanity from Queen Bira and her Shadow army. Continue reading “Blue Dragon: Ral Ω Grad”

FullMetal Alchemist: the manga

Chapters 1-84

As a big named title, there can be few people who are unfamiliar with the animated version of Fullmetal Alchemist- the tale of a world of alchemy where brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric attempted the forbidden act of bringing their mother back to the life. The price for committing this sin was for Ed to lose an arm and a leg, whilst Al ended up with his soul bound to a suit of armour; now, only the legendary Philosopher’s Stone can restore their bodies, but on their search for it, they become embroiled in something much larger than either of them ever imagined. Continue reading “FullMetal Alchemist: the manga”

Gunslinger Girl volumes 6-9

With the first five volumes of Gunslinger Girl taking the series to heights of excellence rarely seen in manga, there was always the nagging worry that the series would have to plummet sooner or later. Fortunately, four volumes later, and there is still plenty of reason to keep praising it.

The most significant additions to the series from volume six onwards are Alessandro and Petrushka, a brand new handler and the first of the ‘second generation’ cyborgs- an older teenager who has had much more of her body replaced than the earlier cyborgs. Continue reading “Gunslinger Girl volumes 6-9”

Love Roma

There’s nothing strange about high school students asking each other out- but when it comes to Negishi and Hoshino, their relationship is a little different from the norm. The straight-talking Hoshino decides that there should be complete honesty and straightforwardness between them, but his curious naïveté means that dealing with the hot-headed Negishi won’t always be easy! Will this unlikely couple endure the ups and downs of a teenage relationship? Continue reading “Love Roma”

Basilisk: the manga

For years, the Kouga and Iga clans have lived uneasily under an enforced peace- a peace that should only be strengthened by the marriage of their leaders, Gennosuke and Oboro. Before that can come to pass, however, outside forces annul the truce between them- and now, anything goes. From each side, ten hand-picked and highly talented ninja will pit themselves against each other, and victory will go to the last one standing- no matter what they have to do to eliminate the enemy.

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Meiko lives a pretty normal life- she’s got a steady boyfriend and a regular job as an office lady, but she can’t help feeling that there should be something more to it than that. Determined to recapture the dreams and ambitions she had whilst growing up, Meiko decides to quit her job and look for a new, more fulfilling path, but will she be able to find it- and what repercussions will her drastic move have on her relationship with boyfriend Taneda?

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A Spirit of the Sun volumes 1-3

In the year 2002, a series of earthquakes split Japan down the middle, forcing the government to look to America and China to help with the rebuilding. Fifteen years later, and the country has effectively become two separate nations, but for many of the exiled refugees, all they care about is the day when they are allowed home. And in the Japanese refugee camps of Taiwan, tensions are brewing between the Japanese and the natives, with disaster sure to follow. Will the resolve of a young man named Genichiro Ryu prove to be enough to defuse this potentially explosive situation?

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Negima! volumes 1-13

After graduating from magic academy, ten-year-old Welsh wizard Negi Springfield dreams of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a Magister Magi. The last thing he was expecting was to be sent to Japan to become a teacher in an all-girl junior high school- but that’s exactly where he has been assigned! Can the pint-sized teacher cope with a class of thirty-one teenage girls?

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Disgaea: you played the game, endured the anime- now try the manga

As a game, Disgaea and its sequel were great fun, but the less said about that awful anime adaptation, the better. With that in mind, I didn’t have a great deal of interest in the series’ manga incarnation, but given that my brother did, I decided not to pass up the opportunity to do a bit of free reading of his books.

So far, three Disgaea manga volumes have been released in English- a one-off for the original Disgaea game, and two volumes of the ongoing Disgaea 2 series. Each series is handled by a different mangaka, but both have that somewhat inferior “cash-in adaptation done by an inexperienced artist” feel. Nonetheless, for real fans of the series, there may be some worth in them. Continue reading “Disgaea: you played the game, endured the anime- now try the manga”

Loveless Manga: Volumes 1-8


A while ago I reviewed the Loveless anime, and whilst it undoubtedly had potential, something about it didn’t sit right with me- I wanted to spend long enough in the world of the series to explore both the setting and the characters, and twelve episodes just wasn’t long enough to do that. In the hopes of getting a better grasp on what the creator was trying to achieve, I decided to turn to the manga, and in due course, the first eight volumes had duly been devoured (in a non-literal sense, of course).

rnrn Continue reading “Loveless Manga: Volumes 1-8”