Japanese Kit Kat Selection

Japan is full of strange things. Even the Kit Kat, a fairly standard chocolate-covered wafer bar, has been embraced and transformed into many different weird and wonderful flavours. Armed with curiosity and a love of sweets, my friends and I decided to delve into this mini Kit Kat selection box. Here’s what we found.

Edit – Jun 2017: Over the past year, a good friend and I have both visited Japan and brought back/imported even more Kit Kats. I have updated the post accordingly.

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Shameless Self-Indulgence: Another Year Older

I can’t say I’d normally be excited enough about my birthday to make a blog post about it, but I wanted to show off this lovely picture that my loyal slave necromancer made for me, featuring the ‘royal wedding’ between President Aria and Mikoto.

Oh, and if anyone feels like buying me a present, how about some WordPress credits so I can upgrade my image storage limit? I’ve used 48 out of 50MB so far, so the need is pressing (yes, I know I can just resort to imageshack, but it’s not the same, damn it!)

Shameless self-promotion: Galaxycats

Yes, it’s time for an off-topic post- this time to draw attention to a new series of pages on the sidebar entitled “Galaxycats”. At this point, you may be thinking “what the hell is that”, and indeed, it isn’t related to anime and manga, but rather an original sci-fi story I’ve been working on for a while. I won’t be referring to it in the main blog again, but I’ll be adding episodes on a semi-regular basis, and there’ll always be a link to them from here for anyone who’s interested.

So it’s come to this, an Alias season five rant

Yes, even though this is meant to be an anime and manga blog, I’ve made an exception to post my ‘ultimate rant’, not as evil as my as-yet unaired Advent Children rant, only slightly longer than my first Otome article, but nonetheless worthy of the crown. What lies within is a detailed, spoilerific, dissection of Alias, and in particular, its final season. Despite the horrors contained within, it should be noticed that I do still enjoy the majority of Alias, and no doubt one day I will come to rewatch the whole thing on DVD; in fact, although I intend to wait for a price drop or two, I’m hoping that when I do get season five on DVD and rewatch it, it may seem better than it did on its TV run.

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