The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

When a strange incident leaves 17-year-old Makoto Konno with ability to ‘leap’ backwards through time, she does exactly what most people would do- uses her ability for her own personal gain. Nonetheless, as fun as it is to avoid mishaps, pick up extra pocket money and improve her grades, it gradually becomes clear that messing around with time has its consequences, and that trying to change one thing for the better can make something else far worse.

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Gestalt: an OVA from the creator of Loveless

According to legend, many years ago, a powerful god named Gestalt was banished to Earth and sealed in an island known only as ‘G’. Determined to find the truth behind these rumours, priest Father Olivier decides to leave his order and travel to G, but when he gains a travelling companion in the form of sorceress Ohri, it is only the first step in becoming embroiled in a more complicated adventure.

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Final Thoughts: Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA

“…just which screencap you can be bothered to upload.”

After two seasons and twenty-six episodes of flower petals, HARD YURI and angst, the infamous Maria-sama ga Miteru decided to take a rest from TV series format and adapt the next part of the novels as five fifty-minute OVA episodes. Having enjoyed the TV series, I was initially interested to see where the story would go next, but as I was soon to discover, this OVA seemed designed to weed out the true MariMite enthusiast from the milder fan.

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The Star of Cottonland

After being abandoned by her owners one rainy night, “Chibi-Neko” the kitten is saved from an untimely end when a student named Tokio picks her up and takes her home. Despite the fact that his mother is allergic to cats, Tokio’s parents decide to let him keep Chibi, in the hope that caring for her will help alleviate his depression over failing to get into college. For her part, Chibi comes to adore her new owner, and in her naïveté, she hopes that she will one day turn into a human so that they can always be together. Even so, the world has many lessons for a young kitten to learn, and it seems for sure that she will one day realise that no cat can become human.

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Hotori- Tada Saiwai wo Koinegau

At the Personality Plant, Professor Shimizu is in charge of implanting the robot named Suzu with the memories and personality of a deceased boy named Ogura Ryou, all so that his parents can have a replacement for their lost son. Ironically enough, however, Shimizu’s own daughter suffers from a disease that causes her to slowly but steadily lose her own memories. When Suzu wanders into Hotori’s home, a friendship starts building between these two lonely children- one of who faces turning into someone he is not, and another who faces losing everything that makes her who she is.

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Final Thoughts: Ichigo Mashimaro OVA and manga

OVA: Three more episodes of Nobue and co.
Post TV-series OVAs tend to come in two forms- either they pick up where their predecessor left off and fit quite naturally into the franchise, or they cover a new and generally quite uninspired storyline that makes you wish they’d just left well alone. Fortunately, the Ichigo Mashimaro falls into the former category, and indeed, if you didn’t know it was an OVA, you might just think what you were watching were episodes 13-15 of the TV series.

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Le Portrait de Petite Cossette: Anime and Manga

The OVA: Confusing Yet Compelling
When a Venetian glass arrives at the antiques shop where he works, art student Eiri Kurahashi begins taking an almost abnormal interest in it- for when he stares inside, he can see the spirit of Cossette, a girl who was murdered over 250 years ago. By telling the tale of her life and death through a series of compelling visions, Cossette draws Eiri further into her world- but will he be able to make the ultimate sacrifice if it leads to her salvation?

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Final Thoughts: Winter Cicada (Fuyu no Semi)

It is the Bakumatsu period, a time of conflict and chaos- both on the battlefield and in the hearts of men. Whilst the rest of the Choushu clan focuses on conflict, however, one man- Kusaka Touma- dreams of a prosperous future where Japan opens itself to foreign countries. Determined to see that future come to pass, Kusaka decides to study English by taking lessons from one Akizuki Keiichirou- a man who sparks feelings in Kusaka that run deeper than mere friendship. But Akidzuki is a member of the Tokugawa bakufu and thus an enemy to the Choushu clan; can the nascent love between these two men really bloom under these conditions, or is it merely doomed to tragedy?

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Hitsuji no Uta: the OVA

After my glowing review of the Lament of the Lamb manga, it should come as little surprise that in due course, I would turn my attention to the animated form of the franchise- a four episode OVA containing a compressed version of the story. Faced with the task of fitting a seven volume into a mere two hours of airtime, it was obvious that Hitsuji no Uta would not be quite the same as the manga that spawned it, but would it still be worthy viewing for a fan of the series? The answer, it turns out, is that it is something of a middle-of-the-road effort- not especially awful, but with nothing marking it out as particularly good either.

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Stratos 4 OVA and Advance: Well, at least it was better than the TV series

Those who recall my Stratos 4 TV review will know that I was none too impressed by the series; aside from the presence of fat cat the Admiral, I had few positive things to say to it. Nonetheless, with the spectre of completion looming over me, I decided that I may as well try my luck at the continuation of the series- ten episodes released across three OVAs. These episodes promised more fanservice, more fat cats, and a continuation of the various weak story threads that Stratos 4 is forced to call a plot.

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