Antique Bakery parody episode 2

Ono and Tachibana are preparing for the opening of the store. Tachibana has dressed in a waiter’s outfit and let stubble grow.

Tachibana: I’ve always wanted to dress up like this! Don’t get any idea, though, this most definitely isn’t HARD GAY cosplay or anything.

Ono: Don’t worry- I’m a patient man. Hey, that dress you’re holding isn’t for cross-dressing, is it?

Tachibana: Of course not! I’m hoping to hire a lovely young woman to be our receptionist!

Ono: W-woman? You can’t- I’m allergic to women!

Tachibana: Fine, then- we’ll get a man.

Predictably, Eiji comes in to answer the ad for a male receptionist. Tachibana grabs him and takes him through to the back.

Eiji: Aagh, what is this place? Am I about to have HARD GAY? Continue reading “Antique Bakery parody episode 2”