Busou Renkin 26: All or Nothing [end]

Whilst Tokiko and Papillon fight to decide who is more deserving of Kazuki’s love, the time has come for our hero to choose. Should he stick to the STRAIGHT path with Tokiko, continue to indulge in HARD GAY…or perhaps find a way to have the best of both worlds…

“Kazuki is the only HARD GAY lover for me!” Continue reading “Busou Renkin 26: All or Nothing [end]”

Busou Renkin 25: A world of generics

Last time on Busou Renkin, we saw Kazuki and Victor blast off to the moon for a final showdown. In this episode, you, the viewer, get to choose what happens next:

1) An Amazingly Over the Top Super Moon Battle, the Likes of Which You’ve Never Seen Before- complete with explosions and stupid attack names!

2) A Dull and Poorly Animated Episode in which Tokiko and the others mope over Kazuki’s absence.

You have selected Option 2- enjoy!

“Yep, the world is a place where two guys can somehow blast off to the moon.” Continue reading “Busou Renkin 25: A world of generics”

Busou Renkin 24: The Ultimate HARD GAY machine

Tokiko may have begun the process of turning Kazuki STRAIGHT, but can she really hope to erase all those years of HARD GAY in the space of an episode? Under normal circumstances, she might have had a chance, but with Papillon and Victor around, it seems as if her attempts may be futile…

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Busou Renkin 22: BRAIN and ARMOUR

As word of Victor’s HARD GAY prowess spreads, men from far and wide come to Pleasure him in different ways- but can even group sessions and ARMOUR satisfy his jaded palate? Meanwhile, Kazuki’s party finally makes it to Newton Apple Girls’ School, where important plot information awaits…

“…I would like to do these things, if only I were the main character.” Continue reading “Busou Renkin 22: BRAIN and ARMOUR”

Busou Renkin 21: Man vs. Submarine

As the series draws closer to its conclusion, our heroes and their opponents decide to try strange new combinations of partners in the bedroom. Whilst Kazuki and Bravo both decide to sample Hiwatari’s unique form of RAGING HARD-ON, Victor realises that mere humans cannot satisfy him anymore, and decides to become the first man to try SUBMARINE. What will be the outcome of this strange encounter? Continue reading “Busou Renkin 21: Man vs. Submarine”

Busou Renkin 20: Dragonball Z edition

Ever since their break-up, Kazuki and Bravo have missed the HARD GAY they used to have together, so much so that they may no longer be able to resist the lure of each other’s arms. In a secluded forest area, the couple resolve to put aside their differences and indulge in one more encounter, but what will Tokiko and Gouta think when they find out Kazuki has cheated on them?

This screencap-less sentence indicates the three minutes of flashback that initiated the episode.

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Busou Renkin 19: Tokiko the Cheerleader

Poor Tokiko- once she was a highly skilled alchemic warrior, but ever since she switched Dressphere, she has been stuck on Cheerleader mode. Now all she can do is watch and wait whilst the males of the series indulge in their various HARD GAY encounters…

Hiwatari gives everyone a taste of his RAGING HARD GAY. Continue reading “Busou Renkin 19: Tokiko the Cheerleader”

Busou Renkin 18: “Mine’s Bigger than Yours”

Whilst Kazuki tries to forge a new threesome with Tokiko and Gouta, this shift in relationships causes a stir throughout the alchemic world. Bravo must pick a new lover from the selection available at headquarters, whilst Papillon decides that he must settle for nothing less than Kazuki himself. Can Kazuki keep up with his ever hectic HARD GAY schedule?

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Busou Renkin 17: Kazuki’s Harem

Bravo may have broken up with Kazuki, but now isn’t the time to be miserable; instead, Kazuki must start building up a reliable harem to take away the pain of his loss. Tokiko will be first wife, of course, but many others (both male and female) will be needed to satiate Kazuki’s ever-growing appetite for HARD GAY and BI. Who will step forward and answer the call?

Tokiko and Gouta experience intense Pleasure. Continue reading “Busou Renkin 17: Kazuki’s Harem”