Busou Renkin 16: We could have been HARD GAY forever…

Kazuki has always looked up to Captain Bravo, the man who taught him to upgrade and refine his HARD GAY, but ever since he gained the black Kakugane, Bravo has been simmering with jealousy at the new HARD GAY possibilities that have opened up for his student. Can this end in any other way than a man on man showdown?

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Busou Renkin 15: Super Saiyan Hollow Kazuki

Kazuki has pushed himself harder than any other man in his quest to become more HARD GAY, but has he gone too far this time? Transformed into an ultimate HARD GAY entity, Kazuki’s desires start spiralling out of control, making him a danger to everyone around him? Can Tokiko help Kazuki get a handle on his raging emotions?

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Busou Renkin 14: Six minutes of recap and seventeen minutes of Pleasure

It’s a hard life being a Shounen Jump character; just when you want to get down to the action, you have to stand around recapping what happened in the last episode. Perhaps it’s just as well to give Kazuki a breather, however, for his next opponent may just be the most HARD GAY one yet…

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Busou Renkin 13: Thirty on one

He may be the main character, but sometimes even Kazuki has to step back for a moment. With our hero reluctantly sharing the spotlight, Papillon and Butterfly decide to come forward and resolve the matter of who looks best in a bodysuit, whilst Moonface promises to give Bravo an experience he won’t forget…

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Busou Renkin 11: Flashback Mode, Jealousy and Destiny


You can’t be a villain of the fortnight without preparation- after all, who’s going to take you seriously if you don’t have a good back story to tell in Flashback Mode? Fortunately, the twins are more than prepared on that front, forcing Kazuki and Tokiko to stand still for over seven minutes and listen to their tragic past. They could have at least gone indoors…

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Busou Renkin 10: “I’ll show you my blade if you show me yours”


Kazuki thought he had found the perfect HARD GAY partner in Shuusui, but unfortunately for him, it was not to be; not only did Shuusui turn out to be a minor agent of evil, but he was more interested in siscon than HARD GAY! Can Kazuki lure him back to the right path with a charged ‘sword’ vs. ‘lance’ battle?

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Busou Renkin 9: New Partners

No matter how good your current partner is, sometimes you just want a bit of variety- and that’s just how Kazuki feels at the moment. Having trained so hard with his latest conquest Captain Bravo, he’s about ready for a change- and who better to move to than kendo master Shuusui Hayasaka? Shuusui’s HARD GAY is certainly impressive- but how will Kazuki react when he finds out that Shuusui and his twin sister are monsters of the fortnight?

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Busou Renkin 8: Three’s A Crowd

Kazuki and Tokiko had the perfect relationship (after a fashion) but then Captain Bravo came along. What the Captain wants, he takes, and right now he’s after Kazuki. Will Kazuki be able to withstand the force of Bravo’s special training, and can poor Tokiko manage without the service she has become accustomed to?

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Busou Renkin 7: From Bravo to Butterfly

Kazuki is very much in demand these days; not only does alchemic warrior Captain Bravo want to recruit him as a new ‘member’ of a heroic Justice Team, but his old adversary Papillon is back and looking for HARD GAY with a worthy adversary. Does poor Kazuki have the strength and stamina to deal with these new offers?

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