Dicemasters Season 2 synopsis Part IV [end]

With this in mind, Pip knows he cannot afford to hold back and play it safe- he must give it all, strategy and training be damned. So saying, Pip plays a risky move- one that will either turn the match around or put him out of the tournament entirely. Fortunately, with the power of the plot behind him, the former outcome is achieved, enabling Pip to bring out his DESTINED DIE.

It isn’t quite over yet, however, as Roku reveals his own DESTINED DIE, and the clash of the powers of wind and ice soon creates almost blizzard-like conditions around the players. Somehow, in blatant disregard for the rules, this match has become not a game of dice, but a test of endurance- whoever falls first loses the game.

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Dicemasters Season 2 Synopsis Part III

As Ace leaves them, Chip tells Flick that it must be getting towards the end of the day, and that the quarter finalists should be announced soon. Flick regretfully agrees that this is so, and that means she is running out of time; turning to Chip, she tells him she has something important to say. Chip wonders to himself if she is going to ask him out on a date, but instead, she says the last thing he expected to hear- she too is a Dicebreaker! Years ago, Flick spent some time in England with her family, where Mars happened to see her dicing potential. Although he recruited her, Flick never had to do a great deal as an agent- at least until this tournament got underway. Now she must fulfil her master’s commands- by taking Chip’s DESTINED DIE.

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Dicemasters Season 2 Synopsis Part II

Inside the city, Evan and Anna decide to split up; Evan will investigate the numerous dicing establishments around town, whilst Anna takes to the streets to observe the tournament. What they do not realise is that Roku is already tailing them, and as soon as they split up, he goes after Anna and challenges her to a dice duel.

Realising that he must be a Dicebreaker, Anna agrees to the match, announcing that she will take him into custody once she wins the game (it would be unthinkable to do so beforehand). Laughing, Roku agrees, and the game begins. Continue reading “Dicemasters Season 2 Synopsis Part II”

Dicemasters Season 2 Synopsis Part I

Chip Roller never thought he’d see the day when dicing actually became dull, but these days there’s just no one around who can challenge him. Even players he once respected and admired are now low-level compared to him, and being number one at the dice hall month after month is getting a little stale.

Meanwhile, Ace die Master is practising at his lavishly appointed dice simulation lab. After months and months of frustration and setbacks, he has finally put together the optimum dice deck, one that should easily crush his opponent, Chip Roller. After trying it out in a simulation and imagining a humbled Chip bowing down to him, Ace tells his servants to make the necessary preparations- he is going to hold a Dice League Tournament. Continue reading “Dicemasters Season 2 Synopsis Part I”

Dicemasters Season 2: Introduction

Greetings, Dicemasters fans! We got a lot of letters from you after the end of arc one, telling us how much you liked the first season and how you hoped to see more adventures with Chip and the gang (note: actual letters may not exist). Well fear not, for we’re here today to announce details on the second season of Dicemasters, a rollercoaster ride that will put the first season to shame. So without further ado, let’s go into the details of our second arc- Dice League! Continue reading “Dicemasters Season 2: Introduction”

Dicemasters: Dice Island Arc Synopsis

The game of Dicemasters has begun sweeping the nation, and in Dice City practically every kid owns a dice-deck- everyone, that is, except Chip Roller. He can’t afford the outrageous prices needed to buy decent dice, and is instead forced to watch others play. Given that he’s the main character, however, it isn’t surprising that everything changes on the day of his fourteenth birthday, when his mother hands him a very special present- a dice-deck left behind by Chip’s father, the legendary dice player Chuck Roller.

Accompanied by his best friends Pip and Flick, Chip heads down to the dice halls to try out his new deck, and despite warnings to take it slow, he chooses to accept a challenge from Sporky, an ugly third-level player. Unfortunately, with a horribly unbalanced deck and no idea how to use it, Chip is soon on the verge of defeat, earning scorn and derision from a semi-bishie audience member. Abandoning his match with Sporky, Chip challenges the audience member, little realising that he is speaking to none other than Ace die Master, currently ranked #1 in the world. With his friends cheering from the sidelines, Chip commences his match with Ace, and is soon in danger of losing both his pride and his life points. Continue reading “Dicemasters: Dice Island Arc Synopsis”

Dicemasters: Introduction

Welcome to the world of Dicemasters! The game of Dicemasters has taken the world by storm, but what only a few of its many players know is that Dicemasters is more than a simple pastime- scattered amongst the hundreds of normal trading dice are a handful of super powerful pieces known as DESTINED DICE. Anyone with the power to wield a DESTINED DIE can unlock ancient, mystical powers, and it is said that the one who collects them all will have the power to make all their dreams come true. And so it is that those DESTINED few, the Dice Masters, devote all their energies into collecting the DESTINED DICE. What follows is a guide to the first story arc of Dicemasters, that is to say, episodes 1-500. Continue reading “Dicemasters: Introduction”