Le Chevalier d’Eon parody episode 15

Anna writes a letter to d’Eon.

(Anna: Dear d’Eon, I trust you are keeping well; however, do not forget that there are those of us back in France who long for screen time. My life may be relatively boring and routine compared to yours, but that is no reason for me to be shoved aside. If you are not careful, I will start my own spin-off show.)

In England, d’Eon reads the letter. Continue reading “Le Chevalier d’Eon parody episode 15”

Chevalier Alternative 24 part I

Stuck in a bedroom with Louis and Broglie, it seems as if poor d’Eon may well be forced into bed with one of them, but luckily for him, everyone wants a part of the finale. Sword, BOOK and even WORD are ready to heat up the bedroom, but in the end, will anyone attain HARD GAY bliss?

This is the longest parody ever and so it will be the first ever three part piece.

Last time on Chevalier…Louis caught an unpleasant disease after taking Broglie to his bed, and Lia-d’Eon resolved to put him out of his misery. Continue reading “Chevalier Alternative 24 part I”

Chevalier Alternative 23 part I

Whilst Louis’ desperation for partners leads him to scrape the bottom of the barrel, Robin also finds himself inadvertently sleeping with the less than impressive Broglie. Desperate to erase what he has done, Robin decides to accept an offer from the one man who can wash away all his earlier disappointments- Maximilien Robespierre…

Last time on Chevalier, Anna saw Louis get Marie to drink poisoned wine…

“Oh my god, he’s coming to kill me!” Continue reading “Chevalier Alternative 23 part I”

Chevalier Alternative 22 part I

With Teillagory gone, everyone’s choice of partners is reduced, and that means it is time to take drastic measures. Whilst d’Eon convinces Robin to convert to BI, Louis is forced to resort to his emergency choice- Broglie. Meanwhile, Marie is making a nice bundle from her cosmetic surgery business, but will it all backfire for her and her customers?

Robin and d’Orleans experience the aftermath of a HARD GAY encounter. Continue reading “Chevalier Alternative 22 part I”