Antique Bakery parody episode 4

Outside the bakery, Chigake thinks about Ono and gets a RAGING HARD-ON.

(Chikage: Ono, take me in your arms and let me the rich chocolate sauce to your creamy profiterole!)

At closing time, Tachibana calls Chikage in.

Chikage: What is it, young master?

Tachibana: Well, you know, it’s getting pretty late and I’m closing up shop soon…

Chikage: Are you propositioning me? Continue reading “Antique Bakery parody episode 4”

Antique Bakery parody episode 3

The day of the grand opening has finally arrived.

Tachibana: Antique- open for business!

Ono: Sweet cakes and HARD GAY for all!

Eiji: Why’s it called ‘Antique’ anyway?

Unfortunately, the rain ensures a lack of customers- at least until one woman shows up.

Ono: All right, STRAIGHT boy, show me how you deal with women. Continue reading “Antique Bakery parody episode 3”

Antique Bakery parody episode 2

Ono and Tachibana are preparing for the opening of the store. Tachibana has dressed in a waiter’s outfit and let stubble grow.

Tachibana: I’ve always wanted to dress up like this! Don’t get any idea, though, this most definitely isn’t HARD GAY cosplay or anything.

Ono: Don’t worry- I’m a patient man. Hey, that dress you’re holding isn’t for cross-dressing, is it?

Tachibana: Of course not! I’m hoping to hire a lovely young woman to be our receptionist!

Ono: W-woman? You can’t- I’m allergic to women!

Tachibana: Fine, then- we’ll get a man.

Predictably, Eiji comes in to answer the ad for a male receptionist. Tachibana grabs him and takes him through to the back.

Eiji: Aagh, what is this place? Am I about to have HARD GAY? Continue reading “Antique Bakery parody episode 2”

Allison and Lillia parody episode 2

Allison and Will follow the kidnapper’s aircraft.

Wil: Won’t they see us?

Allison: Don’t worry- main character power is rendering us invisible and inaudible.

They fly on and cross the border- only to get shot at.

Wil: Hey, what happened to main character power?

Allison: It’s okay, everything’s going to plan! I’m just pretending to spin out of control to throw them off our trail! Now I’m just pretending that we’re plummeting towards the ground! Now I’ll pretend to crash!

The plane crashes. Continue reading “Allison and Lillia parody episode 2”

Allison and Lillia parody episode 1

Wil is sitting under the trees, reading a book when a teacher and some younger students approach.

Teacher: Wil, this series is going to be boring if all you do is read books all the time. How about a bit of exposition to explain to viewers what this world is all about?

Wil: Well, there’s not much to say, really- our continent is made up of two countries who have been at war for 130 years over which one is older

Allison’s plane flies in and lands.

(Wil: Damn, it’s Allison- now I’ll have to be a supporting character on her adventures.) Continue reading “Allison and Lillia parody episode 1”