Pumpkin Scissors parody 12 part I

With the revelation that many army officials have Ezos set to be released to the public, the characters must decide whether or not this is a good thing. Should the public know the depressing truth, or should they live on in blissful ignorance, believing they will get Zhuge Liang instead of the Ezo they will inevitably be Pleasured with?

A popular new HARD GAY outlet has just opened. Continue reading “Pumpkin Scissors parody 12 part I”

Pumpkin Scissors parody 11 part I

When a reporter helps Section III place an ad in the personal section of his newspaper, Alice gets an unexpected response from a woman seeking HARD YURI. But it soon turns out that Pleasure isn’t the only thing she wants; she also has a plan to expose the small sizes of the higher-ups in the army.

Across a crowded ro-, er, graveyard, a fateful encounter occurs. Can HARD YURI be far behind? Continue reading “Pumpkin Scissors parody 11 part I”

Pumpkin Scissors parody 10 part I

New term: Huang (wang) Gai (HARD GAY) ointment: treatment for a damaged Zhuge Liang.

When Randel injures his Zhuge Liang, Stekkin is asked to fix it- and to pass the time (and prevent the audience from seeing it), she delves into a Flashback Mode about the early days of the Pumpkin Scissors unit. Back then, Machs was a staunch supporter of HARD GAY who wasn’t willing to try the BI of Section III- but could the young and enthusiastic Alice Malvin show him that women are just as adept in the bedroom as men?

Machs and Oreld are less than impressed with the substandard conditions they are expected to have HARD GAY in. Continue reading “Pumpkin Scissors parody 10 part I”