Utawarerumono parody episode 17

Hakuoro here. Over the last few days, I have struggled to contain the HARD GAY emotions awakened by my encounter with Niwe, and for the most part, I believe I have succeeded in suppressing them. Now, however, I have agreed to a late-night meeting with the Kunnekamun emperor, Kuuya, even before knowing their gender. Will this rendezvous set me firmly back on my original path, or doom me to a life of HARD GAY? Continue reading “Utawarerumono parody episode 17”

Utawarerumono: Simple Game FAQ


Back in the days when the Utawarerumono anime seemed fresh and exciting, each passing week brought an ever increasing desire to step into the realms of the original game that spawned it. Every screencap I saw seemed designed to make me want to play, but for a time, I hesitated- after all, wasn’t it an H-game? What foul pit of hell would my soul be damned to if I even dared to play it? Would it be the first step on a long and dangerous road that would see all my friends turn away in disgust? Continue reading “Utawarerumono: Simple Game FAQ”

Utawarerumono parody episode 16


Hakuoro here. Although the threat of Niwe has been erased, I am slightly worried about how easily I lost control and indulged in some brief yet intense HARD GAY with him. In order to eliminate these feelings, I have decided that I must ignore the rest of the world for a while, and spend some quality castle time with my harem… Continue reading “Utawarerumono parody episode 16”

Utawarerumono parody episode 15


Hakuoro here. I have finally managed to secure Touka for my harem, but in order to safeguard the peaceful castle scenes that I love so much, I must risk both myself and my harem to dispatch Niwe, the emperor of Shikeripetim. Rumour has it that Niwe wishes to use me for HARD GAY purposes, an outcome which must be avoided at all costs… Continue reading “Utawarerumono parody episode 15”

Utawarerumono parody episode 14


Hakuoro here. After ascertaining that the crimes of “Rak Shine” did not match with mine, I was about to conclude my dealings with Orikakan when Emperor Niwe put an arrow through his neck. It is clear that I must confront Niwe and erase his annoying laugh from the face of the planet, but first, I must formally induct Touka into my harem…

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Utawarerumono parody episode 13


Hakuoro here. Thanks to the winning combination of a strong harem and my tactical expertise, the forces of Kuccha Keccha have suffered their first blow. Whilst I continue to concentrate my efforts on adding Touka to my harem, however, I have to admit that I have begun to feel worried- what if Orikakan’s accusations about my past really are related to those unfortunate incidents that led me to don this mask in the first place?

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Utawarerumono parody episode 11


Hakuoro here. Through a stroke of good luck, I have not only engaged Urotorii and Kamyu as full-time members of my harem, but have acquired the ultra-strong Karura, a worthy addition both on and off the battlefield. With such women on my side, I know that Tusukuru can stand up to anything, but even so, there are still spaces open in the royal harem…

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Utawarerumono parody episode 9


Hakuoro here. I have encountered two more women –Urotorii and Kamyu- who would make excellent additions to my harem. To that end, I have devoted my energies to integrating them with the other harem members, whilst Benawi and his HARD GAY division see to the trifling matter of running the country. Unfortunately, Urotorii and Kamyu have since returned home, but I know they will not be able to resist my charms for long… Continue reading “Utawarerumono parody episode 9”