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xxxHOLiC: How to turn a good manga into a dull anime

Watanuki Kimihiro has always been able to see spirits, and to be honest, it’s an ability he’d be happier off without. As it turns out, the space-time witch, Yuuko Ichihara, might just be able to help him with that, but … Continue reading

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Tenchi Muyo OVA3: One too many trips to the well?

In those far-off days when I was a newcomer to the world of anime (I don’t think that my childhood viewing of Samurai Pizza Cats really counts), one of the series that the limited offerings of UK TV brought to … Continue reading

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School Rumble Nigakki: An Ever Downward Spiral

With the second season of School Rumble seeing the return of Class 2-C and their accompanying high school hilarity and romantic misunderstandings, fans of the series were certain that this could only mean more of the top quality entertainment they … Continue reading

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Gokujou Seitokai: another spectacular licensing decision from our old friends at ADV

Up until last night, I never intended to rant about Gokujou. In all honesty, I try not to think about it too much, because the memory of the time spent watching it is still quite painful to me- if the … Continue reading

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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Rant, Appraisal and Guided Tour, all in one neat package

Manga chapters 1-128: CLAMP Minimalism Princess Sakura and archaeologist’s son Syaoran are childhood friends living in the desert kingdom of Clow. If it was up to them, their peaceful days together would last forever, but unfortunately fate has other ideas. … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of Honey and Clover

Last year, it was almost inevitable that I would become one of the many people to fall under the spell of Honey and Clover. Having just graduated from university myself, the tale of a group of people undergoing the same … Continue reading

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A long overdue rant about Fate/Stay Night

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to rant about Fate/Stay Night, but somehow it turned into one those tasks that seemed best left until some asymptotic ‘tomorrow’. At long last, however, the time has come to turn my attention … Continue reading

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Battle for Wesnoth: Gaming for the Masochistic

The forces of evil (blue, yellow) casually overrun my stronghold of good (red), whilst my negative gold balance ensures I cannot summon any more warriors. I’d like to say I was a fan of strategy games; after all, what could … Continue reading

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.hack//Roots 13: Watching Paint Dry

The weeks come and go, but Roots remains a static, never changing universe- at least until today, when something happened. That’s not to say that what happened was particularly interesting and unexpected, in fact, it’s what we’d all been expecting … Continue reading

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Noein ~Mou Hitori no Kimi E~

It’s been a while since I finished watching Noein, but I happened to be reminded of it again the other day when I noticed that Manga Entertainment had announced R1 release dates for volumes 1-4. Assuming that these four volumes … Continue reading

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