Risky Safety

Risky is an apprentice shinigami tasked with sending doomed and depressed souls to the afterlife. Her opposite number, apprentice angel Safety, works hard to save those souls. Obviously, they’re both competing for the same market, but to make matters worse- they’ve also ended up sharing the same body! Now, they’ve both ended up interfering in the life of Moe Katsuragi, a young girl who believes that the boy she likes doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. Will Risky prey on her depression, or can Safety show her that things always work out for the best? Continue reading “Risky Safety”

Final Thoughts: Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou

Ever since Nyanko-sensei came into his life, Natsume Takashi has slowly learned that being able to see spirits doesn’t mean he has to distance himself from other people. But even as he juggles the responsibilities of human friendships and the Book of Friends, new challenges will arise that test his powers and make him consider his place in between everyday life and the world of the supernatural. Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou”

Final Thoughts: Maria-sama ga Miteru season four

Yumi is nearing the end of her second year at Lillian, and there is much to be done before her beloved onee-sama Sachiko can graduate and leave her to take over the role of Rosa Chinensis. Of course, the most pressing matter is finding a petite soeur, and whilst Yoshino is pressured by Rei and Eriko to pick one, Yumi must finally make a decision. Is Touko the one she wants to give her rosary to, or is there someone better out there to join the Red Rose ‘family’? Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Maria-sama ga Miteru season four”

Final Thoughts: Yozakura Quartet

The town of Sakurashin is one of the few places where humans and youkai can coexist in relative harmony, but unfortunately, its location on the cusp of the two worlds also makes it a magnet for trouble. That’s where Akina, Hime, Ao and Kotoha come in- four teenagers with special powers who are also charged with keeping the peace. Together with their allies, these four pit themselves against all the forces who seek to disrupt the town, but even their combined talents aren’t proof against the revelation that their greatest enemy wears an all too familiar face. Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Yozakura Quartet”

Final Thoughts: Clannad After Story

Azure Flame is now over three years old! Wish us luck as we become older and ever more behind the pulse of current anime.

Nagisa and Tomoya are finally together, but there are still many more obstacles for them to face. Whilst Nagisa continues to battle with her illness, Tomoya must grow up fast as he takes responsibility for supporting himself and his partner. Will they be able to overcome everything and live happily ever after, or is this one tale that must inevitably end in tragedy? Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Clannad After Story”

Final Thoughts: Chaos;Head

Unable to tell his delusions from reality, high school student Nishijou Takumi has become a recluse, attending school as little as possible so that he can devote his time to anime and video games. Whilst he may seem like just another hikikomori, however, Takumi is something more- for a great power lurks within his delusions, and that power will draw him into a power struggle that will decide the fate of Tokyo itself. Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Chaos;Head”

Final Thoughts: Sisters of Wellber Zwei

Rita’s name has been cleared and her country saved, but she isn’t quite ready to settle down just yet. Instead, the intrepid princess decides to accompany her friends on a quest to track down the man who killed Tina’s parents- but along the way they will run into conspiracies, a love triangle and any number of trials that will test their friendship to the limit. Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Sisters of Wellber Zwei”

Final Thoughts: Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino

With terrorist attacks continuing to plague Italy, the cyborg girls of Section 2 are needed more than ever- and through a mixture of conditioning and adolescent, they are more than willing to fight alongside their handlers. But even the enhanced abilities of a cyborg may not be enough to combat the likes of naturally gifted killer Pinocchio- especially as some of the older girls must confront their own mortality as their life spans run short. Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino”

Final Thoughts: Someday’s Dreamers ~Natsu no Sora~

Suzuki Sora is an apprentice mage who has come to Tokyo to finish her training. Together with her fellow apprentices, she must learn to hone her skills, deal with clients and provide all the services that are expected of a licensed mage. Becoming a professional is no easy task, however, and Sora has many lessons to learn- without ever losing her pure heart and idealistic outlook. Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Someday’s Dreamers ~Natsu no Sora~”

Final Thoughts: Antique Bakery

When Keiichirou Tachibana chucks in a well paid job to become the proprietor of a patisserie, it seems an unlikely move for a man who doesn’t even like sweets that much. Still, his new life is far from uneventful, thanks to his new employees- a chief patissier so gay that he’s been fired from all his jobs for making even straight men fall in love with him, an ex-boxer with a sweet tooth and an overly devoted family friend. But does Tachibana’s sudden desire to deal in confectionaries have something to do with the fact that he was once kidnapped by a man with a strange predilection for delicious cakes?

Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Antique Bakery”