Tuesday Rumble: July 8th

Allison and Lillia’s handbook for life

Do you have difficulty in social situations? Do you just not know what to do when put on the spot? Luckily, Allison and Wil have put together a convenient handbook that will sit snugly on your bookshelf right next to “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

  • When old men tell tall tales, don’t hesitate to believe them. Who knows, their wild stories of war-ending treasures might just be true, and if not, at least you got a nice cup of tea for your efforts.
  • When suspicious old ladies offer you a cup of tea, drink it without reservation. Even if she locks you in her cellar, it shouldn’t be too hard to get out. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: July 8th”

Tuesday Rumble: July 1st

Allison and Lillia: the game

Can’t get enough of Allison and Lillia? Need something to do when each episode finishes? Well, fear not, because we have just the thing for you- Allison and Lillia: the game! An action-based game, A&L throws conventional physics out of the window for the most rip-roaring ride you’ve ever experienced! Shoot down trains with pistols, try to outrun an insanely fast tank and even blow your enemies off rooftops with the power of your plane- it’s all possible in A&L: the game! Reserve your copy today, because they’ll be disappearing off the shelves faster than you can say “Wil is an idiot”! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: July 1st”

Tuesday Rumble: June 24th

The Stylus of Life

Nintendo DS owners will be more than familiar with using the stylus to manipulate objects on the touch screen, but here at Azure Flame, we’ve taken things one step further- with the Stylus of Life! No longer need you be restricted to virtual situations, because the Stylus of Life can let you manipulate the real world! Scrub out things you don’t like, draw new things that you’d rather have in their place, move friends and generics as you wish- all with the Stylus of Life! You can use it to cook, clean, even empty the cat litter tray! Everyday chores become a breeze with the Stylus of Life! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: June 24th”

Tuesday Rumble: June 17th

Crest/Banner of the Stars: the game

Can’t get enough of the Seikai universe? Then why not take control of it yourself, as the commander of the Abh Fleet? With Abh forces at your command, planets to conquer, resources to mine and the United Mankind to defeat, there’s plenty to do in this sci-fi tactical simulation. Go online and challenge other empires, or play against the computer and ensure peace in the galaxy. Commission the building of customised attack squadrons, keep planetary populations happy or just run roughshod over their wishes and risk rebellion- the power is in your hands!

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Tuesday Rumble: June 10th

Forget the DS- how about the Five Screen?

Are two screens just not enough? Perhaps you want a bit more challenge when it comes to keeping track of onscreen events? Then why not invest in the new Five Screen? Arranged in the shape of an open-topped cube, the Five Screen unfolds to reveal all of its screens, each of which can be configured to be a touch screen. Use screens to control your characters, keep track of enemy stats, view overworld maps and much, much more! The insanity just keeps mounting up when you try to play anything on the Five Screen!

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Tuesday Rumble: June 3rd

MyAnimeList and rising divorce rates

As users of MyAnimeList.net will know, whenever you click on another users profile, you can see their compatibility with them- a simple thing, perhaps, but one rife with potential problems. For example, when you find a high compatibility with someone, you might assume that they are your destined soul mate, but a few series disagreements later, and your falling compatibility can spell the end of the relationship. Some say that MAL has become one of the prime motivators for divorce, with angered couples citing such problems as a 2 point difference in ratings for Slayers TV as grounds for separation.

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Tuesday Rumble: May 20th

Mai-Undine: Aria X Mai-Otome

We’ve considered this crossover before, but now is the time for the Mai franchise to take another step towards world domination with Mai-Undine! In Neo Venezia, aspiring Undines must learn to harness their gondola power in order to defend their respective companies from attack. Complete with fat cats, transformation sequences and those infamous gondola battles, Mai-Undine is the one to watch this summer!

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Tuesday Rumble: May 13th

Anime Blog Awards, go vote for Azure Flame, let me know if my posting sexy pictures of myself will increase readership, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Spice and Wolf the game

Missing Spice and Wolf? Then why not imagine what it might be like if the series had its own video game? You’ll take on the role of either Horo or Lawrence as the pair of you travel across the country trading various goods. Collect data on the best places to buy and sell different commodities and slowly build up your fortune. Spend the money on buying shops, recruiting subordinates or just unlocking extras like costumes for the world’s shapeliest wolf girl. The possibilities are endless! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: May 13th”

Final Thoughts and Ramblings: Kaiji

Twenty-two year old Itou Kaiji is a bit of a loser- an unemployed bum, he amuses himself by slashing tyres and stealing the emblems from cars. All that changes, however, when his friend defaults on a loan and the yakuza come to collect from the guarantor- namely Kaiji himself. With no other way of paying back a three million yen debt, Kaiji signs up to a night of gambling that could earn him the money he needs, little realising that it is just the beginning of a dangerous series of high stakes games where to lose is to risk not only your money, but also your very life.

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Tuesday Rumble: May 6th

Busou Renkin the game

Still missing Busou Renkin? On the off-chance that you actually are, why not imagine a world where the series has its own RPG? In the style of Star Ocean, all battles are fought in real-time, with trigger buttons used to unleash special attacks from a player’s Busou Renkin. Whether you fancy stabbing the enemy with Sunlight Heart or ripping them apart with the Valkyrie Skirt, this is the game for you.

Playable characters: Kazuki, Tokiko, Bravo, Ouka, Shusui, Papillon, Gouta Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: May 6th”