Tenchi Universe

1. No Need for Discussions!: Tenchi Masaki was just a normal teenager leading a normal, quiet life, until his entire existence was turned upside down by the arrival of Ryoko, a girl from outer space. After claiming to be on the run from a vicious space pirate, Ryoko asks Tenchi for help, and pretty soon he is caught up in the middle of a battle that may turn out to be only the beginning of his adventures.

2. No Need for Princess!: On her way back to planet Jurai, Princess Ayeka decides to stop off on Earth in response to a distress call sent by Mihoshi; however, she is none too pleased to discover that her old rival Ryoko is also on Earth, and soon the sparks are flying. Will Ayeka be able to enjoy a peaceful stop on Earth despite Ryoko’s presence, and just how will Ryoko react to Tenchi’s spending time with their new visitor? Whatever happens, it seems likely that poor Tenchi will get caught in the middle yet again.

3. No Need for Worries!: When her younger sister Sasami arrives to take her back to Jurai, Ayeka is disappointed to realise that this means her vacation on Earth is almost over- and just as she was starting to get closer to Tenchi. Meanwhile, Ryoko tries to become a full member of the family by showing up with an egg that she claims is her child by Tenchi.

4. No Need for Monsters!: According to the legends, a goblin was sealed in the cave at the Masaki Shrine seven hundred years ago, and as far as Katsuhito is concerned, the place is best left alone. Naturally, this warning just makes Ryoko even more curious to explore the cave- and, so as not to be alone in there, she drags an unwilling Tenchi along with her. But just what awaits them in the hidden depths of this ancient shrine?

5. No Need for Partners!: Galaxy Police Officer Kiyone thought all of her problems were over after her ditzy partner Mihoshi was reported missing, presumed dead over a month ago. But when she is sent to Earth to follow up on Mihoshi’s disappearance, Kiyone is horrified to learn that not only is Mihoshi alive and well, but she is also living quite happily with the wanted criminal Ryoko. Determined that the mission should not be a total washout, Kiyone decides to arrest Ryoko whilst she has the chance, but with Mihoshi on hand to ‘help’, that task could prove to be harder than anticipated.

6. No Need for Resident Officers!: Having been assigned as resident officers based on planet Earth, Kiyone and Mihoshi decide to move out of the Masaki house and into their own apartment; however, in addition to their Galaxy Police duties, the two officers find themselves having to take on multiple part time jobs just to be able to pay the bills. And whilst Kiyone puts her all into working hard and sparing the luxuries, Mihoshi is predictably quite the opposite. Can Kiyone still manage to stretch the budget, even with Mihoshi around?

7. No Need for Carnival!: When the fair comes to the Masaki shrine, Tenchi takes an excited Sasami to see all the stalls and games that an Earth style carnival has to offer. Meanwhile, the other girls decide to really get into the spirit of things by running their own stalls, but is giving them free rein really such a good idea, given their tendency for explosive conclusions?

8. No Need for a Genius!: After seven hundred years of exile, Washu is more than a little behind in her research, and decides to create a mechanical lab assistant to help her catch up. Mecha-Washu is intended to be a robotic copy of Washu, complete with the original’s brain patterns, but thanks to an accident in the lab, it ends up receiving Mihoshi’s mind data instead! Now, Washu must devote all her resources to a new problem- finding a way to control a super-powered robot with the mind of a ditzy GP Officer.

9. No Need for Memories!: There are some mixed reactions from the girls when it starts snowing one Sunday- Sasami may be having fun playing outside, but poor Ryoko is huddled up indoors complaining about the cold. And whilst Tenchi tries to make sense of the memories the snowfall evokes for him, out in the lake, there is the promise of a new beginning as Ayeka’s Ryu-oh spaceship starts to regenerate.

10. No Need for an Archrival!: As a space pirate, Ryoko naturally has more than her fair share of enemies, but the most dangerous of all of them is none other than the top class bounty hunter Nagi. Having finally tracked Ryoko to Earth, Nagi decides to draw her out by kidnapping Tenchi, who she believes to be Ryoko’s boyfriend. Now, Ryoko will need of all her wits and strength if she is to defeat Nagi and retrieve poor Tenchi.

11. Time and Space Adventures 1: When the girls discover that Washu has invented a device that can change reality to fulfil anyone’s desires, they are all keen to use it to create their own ideal worlds. After Washu tells them the machine is off-limits, everyone decides to sneak in during the night and use it then, but when they all start inputting their own individual needs, the machine overloads, fracturing reality itself. Now, Tenchi and the others find themselves playing different roles in a different reality as their time and space adventures begin.

12. Time and Space Adventures 2: Whilst Washu continues working on the dimensional tuner, the others find themselves moving through yet more alternate realities. First, Kiyone flees from the nightmare of her life in the police force and manages to find peace with Tenchi and the others in a quiet village at the end of the world. Then, in yet another reality Tenchi finds himself pursued by his two high school classmates Ayeka and Ryoko. Can the magical girl Pretty Sammy put an end to his troubles?

13. Time and Space Adventures 3: Tenchi and the girls move to yet another reality where Tenchi is a married man- and his wife is none other than Mihoshi! Unfortunately, poor Mihoshi finds married life harder than she ever imagined, thanks to her demanding sister-in-law Ayeka. Moving on to the next reality, Tenchi find himself in America, serving as an unwilling accomplice to the infamous gangster Ryoko. Is this world destined to become their new reality, or will Washu find a way to bring their time and space adventures to a conclusion?

14. No Need for a Rebellion!: Three months have passed since the girls started arriving on Earth, and it has been such a good time that Ryoko for one, wishes it could last forever. Unfortunately, events are about to move beyond the girls’ control, as the ascension of a new power on Jurai sees Ayeka and Sasami labelled as traitors and wanted criminals. Now, Ryoko, Ayeka and Sasami have been detained by a Juraian space ship, and it falls to Tenchi and the others to find a way to rescue them.

15. No Need for an Escape!: The mysterious Yosho has claimed the throne of Jurai, leading to Ayeka and the others being branded as the most wanted criminals in the universe. Whilst they take flight aboard Ryo-Ohki, Kiyone and Mihoshi return to Galaxy Police Headquarters. Kiyone is hoping to receive her long-awaited promotion, but soon finds that her past association with Ayeka could land her in trouble as well.

16. No Need for Hiding!: Tenchi and the gang find themselves in a tight spot when Yagami runs out of power. With the last of their money having been spent on a karaoke machine, they cannot afford to refuel; instead, the group are forced to earn money by setting up a bar on an alien planet. Will this bar generate some much needed profits, or will the gang just end up attracting the attention of bounty hunter Nagi, who is also taking a rest stop in the area?

17. No Need for Hunger!: When Yagami breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Washu sets about fixing the engines, but with Mihoshi ‘helping’, it could easily take forever to get them up and running again. Meanwhile, Ryoko goes out in Ryo-Ohki to replenish their food supplies, but soon ends up using the money to pamper herself instead. Can Ryoko be trusted to return with some much needed groceries before the others starve to death?

18. No Need for a Ghost!: When Yagami strays into the Sargasso spaceship graveyard, a mysterious young girl named Mirei secretly comes aboard and takes Sasami back to her ship so that they can play together. Believing Sasami to be in need of rescue, Tenchi and the others come after her, but soon find themselves lost in the spooky corridors of what appears to be a ghost shi.! Facing their fears, the gang continues the search for Sasami, not realising that she may not actually want to be brought back.

19. No Need for Runaways!: Tenchi and the gang are in for an unpleasant surprise when Yagami is hijacked whilst they stop off at a beef bowl restaurant. Determined to catch up to the hijackers, the gang head out at top speed in Ryo-Ohki, but the situation soon becomes complicated when the Galaxy Police also join the chase in the hopes of apprehending Ayeka and her band of wanted criminals.

20. No Need for Swimsuits!: Whilst Yagami is in dock for repairs, Tenchi and the gang try to make some money selling snacks at a beach resort. Unfortunately, profits prove to be slim, and the girls are delighted to hear about another way they can make money- by entering the resort’s swimsuit competition, which offers a grand prize of one million Jurai. Not to mention the fact that this competition will provide the ideal opportunity to prove once and for all which one of the girls has the most perfect body.

21. No Need for a Checkpoint!: Anyone who wants to enter Juraian territory must pass through one of their checkpoints, and the time has finally come for Tenchi and the gang to try their luck at sneaking through. With Washu’s help, the group sets up fake IDs and tries to sneak through in the guise of students and teachers on a school field trip. The plan seems flawless, but as always, Washu neglected to account for one random variable- Mihoshi. Can the group somehow make it through the checkpoint anyway, or will Mihoshi’s incompetence spell an end to their journey right here?

22. No Need for Knights!: Tenchi and the gang have made it into Juraian territory, but they soon find themselves in trouble once more when an imperial warship comes after them. To everyone’s surprise, it is Katsuhito who gets them out of trouble, by guiding them to a hidden sacred place which their pursuers cannot enter without permission. Katsuhito promises that they will be able to find help in this sacred place- but just what form will the help take, and how does Katsuhito know about it in the first place? It seems that Tenchi’s grandfather is about to reveal some long-hidden secrets.

23. No Need for Karma!: Closer than ever to the planet Jurai, Tenchi and the others decide to take a rest stop in the ruins of the imperial Juraian villa on a now uninhabited planet. Katsuhito finally reveals his suspicions about the identity of his enemy- all the evidence points to Kagato, a Juraian royal family member who was corrupted by his lust for ever greater control of the Jurai power. And it seems that Katsuhito was correct, for soon after they arrive Kagato himself appears, looking for a rematch with his archrival Yosho, who now goes by the name Katsuhito.

24. No Need for Ryoko!: Having captured Ayeka, Kagato awaits the arrival of Tenchi at Jurai’s Royal Palace for what inevitably will be the final showdown. As Tenchi tries to find the inner strength required to wield the Tenchi sword and face his destiny, Ryoko finds that she must overcome not only the wound Kagato inflicted on her, but also her own inner fears. For even though all of the gang (not to mention Nagi) have their roles to play in this confrontation, Ryoko must take on the most important mission of all- delivering Tenchi to the Royal Palace. Even with her injuries, will Ryoko have what it takes to beat the odds and complete her mission?

25. No Need for a Showdown!: Tenchi, Azaka and Kamidake have finally made it to the Jurai Royal Palace, where Kagato and his prisoner Ayeka await. With the others still up in space facing off against the Jurai fleet, the trio have only themselves to rely on as they head for the final showdown. And whilst Azaka and Kamidake must face off against Kagato’s dark knights, the hardest task of all awaits Tenchi himself. For only he is capable of defeating Kagato, but in order to do so, Tenchi must realise the as yet untapped potential of his own Jurai powers. Will Tenchi be able to emerge victorious in this, the final confrontation?

26. No Need for a Conclusion!: When any adventure comes to an end, there always loose ends to tie up, and Tenchi’s battle against Kagato is no exception. For now that the fight is over, it is looks like it is time for the girls to move on and accept new positions and responsibilities. Does this mean that Tenchi will be returning to his old, quiet life in the mountains? And more to the point, is that even what he wants anymore?