Kagen no Tsuki

Sent to hospital after a car accident, Hotaru dreams of a beautiful teenage girl with long hair; nothing remarkable, perhaps, except for the fact that upon leaving the hospital, she happens to encounter that exact same girl living in an otherwise abandoned house. When Hotaru takes her friends to meet the girl, however, she discovers that she is the only one who can even see her. Realising that the girl must be some kind of spirit, Hotaru and her friends resolve to help her, which will first entail finding out her true identity, and then locating the mysterious man named Adam that she claims to be waiting for…

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Second Seasons: Second Rate? Part Two: Remakes, Spin-Offs and Alternate Universes

Those with the ability to recall trivial and largely useless information may recall that some time ago, I wrote an article about second seasons that directly followed on from the first, and whether they were always destined to be inferior to their predecessors. The conclusion seemed to be that, actually, despite the stigma attached to them, there was a fairly even distribution of both good and bad second seasons. Nonetheless, at the time, I promised to cover spin-offs and remakes in a separate article to see how they compared, and now, at long last, that time has come. Continue reading “Second Seasons: Second Rate? Part Two: Remakes, Spin-Offs and Alternate Universes”

Gokinjo Monogatari

Mikako Kouda and Tsutomu Yamaguchi have been good friends and next door neighbours for as long as they can remember. Now, both of them are high school students at the Yazawa School of Arts, where Mikako throws herself into her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Tsutomu, meanwhile, seems to be making quite an impression amongst the ladies- will the presence of a new girl in his life finally prompt Mikako to realise that her feelings for him are more than platonic? Continue reading “Gokinjo Monogatari”