Cat Quest

Years ago, cats and dragons fought a bloody war, but ultimately, the destined cats known as Dragonblood claimed victory. Now, the dragons have returned, and it’s up to you, a destined kitty, to take up your sword and protect the land once again.

I love RPGs. I also love cats. With that in mind, it was inevitable that I would eventually turn my attention to Cat Quest, an open world RPG set in a land entirely populated by cute kitties. Yes, I had recently been burned by Spacecats With Lasers, but the Cat Quest demo convinced me that my money really would be well spent this time around. Continue reading “Cat Quest”

Spacecats With Lasers

Last week, I saw an intriguing article on My Nintendo News, promising that a game called Spacecats With Lasers would be heading to Switch the following week. I was immediately excited – I love cats, I love space, and the idea of being a spacecat shooting things up with lasers immediately appealed to me. I was well aware that I was probably just being suckered in by the name, but I reassured myself that the screenshots looked sufficiently exciting. Continue reading “Spacecats With Lasers”

Autumn Season Pick and Mix

It won’t take a genius to realise that this autumn has seen my enthusiasm for anime and thus the blogging of it fall to dangerous new lows. Were the combined forces of illness, dancing, family commitments and the need to get off my backside and apply for graduate courses all going to inspire to ensure the death of the one once (and in fact still) known as Karura? Of course not, for with the suggestion that the Dark Assembly collectively tackle the autumn season so that joint blogging once more became more than a mere theory, inspiration returned at long last. And so it is that this post came to exist, a perhaps pointless stroll through the unique achievements of the Autumn 2007 anime season. Continue reading “Autumn Season Pick and Mix”

The Star of Cottonland

After being abandoned by her owners one rainy night, “Chibi-Neko” the kitten is saved from an untimely end when a student named Tokio picks her up and takes her home. Despite the fact that his mother is allergic to cats, Tokio’s parents decide to let him keep Chibi, in the hope that caring for her will help alleviate his depression over failing to get into college. For her part, Chibi comes to adore her new owner, and in her naïveté, she hopes that she will one day turn into a human so that they can always be together. Even so, the world has many lessons for a young kitten to learn, and it seems for sure that she will one day realise that no cat can become human.

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Windy Tales: A Hundred Flying Cats Can’t Be Wrong

Ueshima Nao loves taking photos of the sky, all in an attempt to catch the elusive wind on camera. Imagine her delight, then, when she discovers the existence of Wind Manipulators, people who can call up the wind and control it themselves. And when Nao and her friends learn to manipulate the wind themselves, they realise how everything from the gentlest breeze to the strongest gale can affect people’s lives.

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Tuesday Rumble: March 6th

chibi-dii-blog.pngThis week in the blogworld, topics of choice include “death of Danbooru”, “successor of Danbooru” and, incongruously, “love” (as in real life, not adult games). What a shame I don’t have anything to say about any of those topics- instead I’ll just have to moan about how ironic it is that I hate filling in forms (to the extent that I always leave them to the last minute) but have somehow ended up doing a load of paperwork for my sister.

Stratos 4: The Admiral

Fat cat fans- rejoice at the release of this new Stratos 4 OVA, starring The Admiral herself! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: March 6th”

Stratos 4 OVA and Advance: Well, at least it was better than the TV series

Those who recall my Stratos 4 TV review will know that I was none too impressed by the series; aside from the presence of fat cat the Admiral, I had few positive things to say to it. Nonetheless, with the spectre of completion looming over me, I decided that I may as well try my luck at the continuation of the series- ten episodes released across three OVAs. These episodes promised more fanservice, more fat cats, and a continuation of the various weak story threads that Stratos 4 is forced to call a plot.

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Stratos 4: Is it wrong to watch a series just because it has a fat cat in it?

Talk to the paw.

Mikaze Hanjyou is a trainee pilot for the Meteor Sweepers- part of the ground-based defence line for inbound comets set to impact with the surface of the Earth. At first, it isn’t a job that she particularly cares for, but a high altitude mission gives her a taste for the dizzying heights of space, she finally gains some enthusiasm for her work. Now determined to become one of the prestigious space-based Comet Blasters, Mikaze attacks her duties with a renewed commitment, but will that be enough to ensure she fulfils her ambition? Continue reading “Stratos 4: Is it wrong to watch a series just because it has a fat cat in it?”

Cat Soup: Acid Trip Anime

In the normal course of things, I like to open any review with a brief synopsis of what the anime in question is all about. When it comes to Cat Soup, however, that rule cannot be obeyed- simply because even after watching it, I have little clue as to what was going on.

A 32 minute OVA, Cat Soup seems to fall into the category of what is usually described as experimental anime, in an “the production staff must have been experimenting with certain illegal substances when they made this” sense. The OVA loosely follows the adventures of a pair of feline siblings, where by ‘adventures’ I mean ‘a series of unconnected and bizarre events whose meaning escapes me’. Continue reading “Cat Soup: Acid Trip Anime”