Disgaea: you played the game, endured the anime- now try the manga

As a game, Disgaea and its sequel were great fun, but the less said about that awful anime adaptation, the better. With that in mind, I didn’t have a great deal of interest in the series’ manga incarnation, but given that my brother did, I decided not to pass up the opportunity to do a bit of free reading of his books.

So far, three Disgaea manga volumes have been released in English- a one-off for the original Disgaea game, and two volumes of the ongoing Disgaea 2 series. Each series is handled by a different mangaka, but both have that somewhat inferior “cash-in adaptation done by an inexperienced artist” feel. Nonetheless, for real fans of the series, there may be some worth in them. Continue reading “Disgaea: you played the game, endured the anime- now try the manga”

Sunday News Bites: October 14th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week we are joined in the newsroom by Nozomu Itoshiki from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, who claims that Azure Flame has left him in despair! Let’s see if we can dissuade him from suicide attempts long enough to comment on the week’s news.

Not quite Sayonara for the hopeless sensei
Did the fact that Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei was a mere twelve episodes long leave you in despair? Then never fear, because come the start of 2008, a second season will be coming our way, promising more insanity and bleak humour from the depressive teacher and his class of misfits. Continue reading “Sunday News Bites: October 14th”

Sunday News Bites: September 2nd- Good Things Come in Threes

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! Although our custom made seat nearly collapsed under Mikoto’s weight last week, we have decided to test it to the limit by wheeling in the plump President Aria.

Aria gets a third season
Aria fans, the moment we have all hoped for has come to pass- a third season, Aria the Origination, has been announced. Apparently this season has been in production since spring, and whilst no air date has been announced yet, it cannot come too soon for those of us who adore this excellent series. With plenty of manga material left and the scope for original stories too, it seems likely that this will be a sure-fire hit right out of the gate for everyone who has already been captivated by the gentle and charming world of Neo Venezia. Continue reading “Sunday News Bites: September 2nd- Good Things Come in Threes”

Tuesday Rumble: August 21st

chibi-karura-blog.pngThis week on Tuesday Rumble, Chibi Dii takes a well-earned vacation, but for one week only, new blog mascot Chibi Karura is taking his place in order to make her introduction. Meanwhile, Fashion Police will also be on hiatus for a while, but if you want to see your favourite law enforcers back, then do your civic duty by reporting fashion violators in the comment section below.

Chagum’s Spinning Coins

Ever wished for something a little more exciting than the sitting and talking of Seirei no Moribito? Then Chagum’s Spinning Coins is the one for you, an exciting tale based on the episode where Chagum plays the spinning coin game! Can young Chagum, a beginner at Spinning Coins, master the game and rise to the top in time for the upcoming world tournament? Can he defeat the evil forces hoping to use the power of Spinning Coins to take over the world? Tune in and find out! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: August 21st”

Tuesday Rumble: August 7th

chibi-dii-blog.pngChevalier: Deleted Scenes

Ever felt that there wasn’t enough to Chevalier? Maybe you just wanted the HARD GAY scenes to be shown onscreen? If that’s the case, then you won’t want to miss this exclusive look at the scenes that never made it into the broadcast version.

Scenes included:

  • Orleans’ final HARD GAY with Broglie.
  • An extended flashback about the intimate relationship Teillagory had with his son.
  • A lengthier explanation as to why Robespierre suddenly had to leave this world.
  • Teillagory training young d’Eon and Lia with his old antique.
  • A hilarious “light” segment in which d’Eon desperately tries to avoid Anna’s pursuit through the city.
  • Increased screen time and back story for Giuseppe and Lorenza.
  • More convenient escapes by carriage.

Sadly, Louis and Broglie doing the deed will never be made available, due to potential audience trauma. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: August 7th”

Tuesday Rumble: July 24th

emember a few months ago when Amazon recommended me a book on genetics just because I once bought Tokyo Mew Mew? Well, it’s happened again.

“We’ve noticed that customers who have expressed interest in “Tokyo Mew Mew Vol. 2: v. 2 (Tokyo Mew-Mew)” by Mia Ikumi have also ordered “Essentials of Genetic Engineering” by S.K. Jain. For this reason, you might like to know that this book is now available. You can order yours for just £51.94″

I wonder, do people who buy the same manga as me get recommendations for physics textbooks?

Soutetsu no Aquarion

Welcome to a brand new anime fusion, one that sees Soutetsu Ibaragi of Iroha take over as commander of the Aquarion team. Obsessed with finding the perfect gattai, Soutetsu invites the bishiest looking teenagers to ride on the Aquarion, but who will be worthy of “riding” with him? Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: July 24th”

Sunday News Bites: July 22nd

Welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week we are joined in the news room by Laharl of Disgaea, specifically here to comment on our first story.

Disgaea 3…for PS3
First it was Laharl, then Adell- but now Disgaea fans can look forward a whole new adventure with the announcement of the third instalment in Nippon Ichi’s popular SRPG series. The only blot on the horizon for some of us is that the new game is coming out on a new console- the Playstation 3. Given that the series will be maintaining the same graphical style as the first two, there hardly seems any point putting it on a console whose processing power it doesn’t even need, but no matter how it pans out, I must play this game no matter what measures need to be taken (here’s at least hoping for a PSP version). For those who like their announcements official, here’s Nippon Ichi’s pdf on the matter; just don’t ask me what Prism Red is doing as a homeroom teacher. Continue reading “Sunday News Bites: July 22nd”