Weekly Round-Up: July 27th

Reviewed this week: Cazador 15-16, Darker than Black 15-16, Doujin Work 3, Higurashi Kai 3, Mushi-Uta 1-2, RxJ 15, SaiMono II 15, Seirei no Moribito 15, Tetsuko no Tabi 1

…and in manga: Homunculus volume 8, Spiral 41, Tsubasa 161, Yotsuba&! 48

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Weekly Round-Up: July 20th

So anyway, Kabitzin did this “Is Your Blog Good in Bed?” thing the other day (itself based on another post based on a NSFW article), and since I liked the idea of it rather a lot, I decided to shamelessly copy and begin this week’s round-up by seeing how Azure Flame measures up in the STRAIGHT department.

  1. Not kissing first, or in blog terms, randomly asking other bloggers for links without introducing yourself. Fortunately, no matter how desperate I was for attention in the early days, I’m just too shy/polite/lazy/whatever to do this.
  2. Ignoring the other parts of her body: hopefully everyone gets a ‘complete experience’ here; hell, Tuesday Rumble is like a blog in itself.
  3. Stopping for a break: 700 posts in a year answers that question; I know I skipped out on some parodies this week, but it was because I was playing Ratchet and Clank tired.
  4. Undressing her awkwardly: I do like to modify stuff a bit, but in fear of breaking my blog and because most add-ons seem pointless, it’s still fairly simple here.
  5. Talking dirty: well, practically every parody is packed with innuendo, so I’ll have to plead guilty.
  6. Going too fast: guilty, but mitigated by a glossary to help people understand my in-jokes for the parodies. Anyone should be able to read the reviews, and I don’t see super casual readers dropping in since you have to have an interest in anime to come here in the first place.
  7. Coming too soon: I get edgy if my posts are under 400 words, so this isn’t a problem.
  8. Not coming soon enough: I’ll admit it, often times my posts could be received with a tl;dr, but I just have that much to say. Disgaea needs 2,000 words, dammit!
  9. Making her ride on top for ages: So far I haven’t had any guest bloggers, so this isn’t a problem.
  10. Taking pictures: Yes, there are posts with up to 100 pictures, but since that’s for the purpose of captioning them they’re not there as an excuse to write.
  11. Not being imaginative enough: Well, no one else has Tuesday Rumble…

Reviewed this week: Doujin Work 2, Higurashi Kai 2, ROTK 46, RxJ 14, SaiMono 13-14, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 1-2, Seirei 14, Zombie-Loan 2

…and in manga: Spiral volume 8, Tsubasa 160

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Weekly Round-Up: July 13th

This week, the new season continues to show little in the way of promise, whilst more and more swear themselves to the rising cult of Dennou Coil worship. Meanwhile, the world’s finest minds puzzle over how to get their cat to walk through a cat grooming ring.

Reviewed this week: Cazador 14, Darker than Black 13-14, Dennou Coil 7, Doujin Work 1, Higurashi Kai 1, RxJ 13, Seirei no Moribito 13, Shounen Onmyouji 16

In an unprecedented turn of events, I actually forgot about SaiMono until the last minute, and by then I was in Disgaea 2 obsession mode. It will be covered next week.

…and in manga: Emma Bangaihen 9, Erementar Gerad 25, Tsubasa 158-9

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Summer 2007 Preview: It won’t take much to make it better than 2005-6 combined

Yes, that Spring Preview (so important it has to be capitalised) wasn’t a one-off, because now I’m doing another one for summer, so that you can all read what you’ve read a hundred times before on other blogs.

As we all know, during the summer we are expected to be outside enjoying the sunshine and the like, and so the selection of anime offered to us is rather limited compared to the lush bounty of the spring and autumn seasons. Good summer series tend to be few and far between, and even ones that are mildly entertaining can be hard to find. Can this year break the trend, or is it going to be more of the same?

I’m not bothering with movies this time, I never seem to actually watch them.

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First Ever Obligatory Season Preview Post: Spring 2007

Yes, so everyone does these and they do them a lot better than I can be bothered to, but since I’m opinionated enough to want to write this, and it turned out to be too long to be absorbed into Tuesday Rumble, a spring preview has come to exist anyway. If you want pictures and decent descriptions of these series, look elsewhere, for unlike my usual attempts to impart some kind of quality to a post, this is just me rambling on for a while- and I’m even too lazy to include those same few pictures you’ve seen several times before.

Anything in red probably won’t be touched, blue will be watched for at least a few weeks, and black is indifferent/undecided. Edit: the blue got messed up when I pasted from Word so it may not be entirely correct.

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