Luminous Arc 2


For years, the alliance between the Kingdom of Carnava and the witches of the Rev Magic Association has made the world a peaceful place to live, but all that changed with the arrival of the vicious Beast Fiends. Now, Fatima the Shadow Frost Witch has betrayed her compatriots to advance some dark goal; can young knight Roland unite the remaining elemental witches and put a stop to Fatima’s nefarious plans? Continue reading “Luminous Arc 2”

Luminous Arc

Alph, his brother Theo and their friends are wards of the Luminous Church, trained to protect the light and condemn the dark. The Church’s greatest foes are the Witches, but when Alph discovers that their new maid, Lucia, is a Witch, he is forced to re-evaluate his opinions of them. With the fate of the entire world hanging in the balance, Alph must choose carefully between the doctrine he has always been taught and the true motives of the Witches. Continue reading “Luminous Arc”

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

When Sora briefly became a Heartless in the original Kingdom Hearts, the remainder of his self created his Nobody- Roxas. And for the year that Sora was asleep after the events of Chain of Memories, Roxas was recruited as a member of Organisation XIII, who hoped that his unique ability among Nobodies to wield a Keyblade would enable him to gather the hearts they need. A blank slate with no memory of his past, Roxas is swiftly put to work carrying out missions for the Organisation alongside his friends Axel and Xion. But in the Organisation, even your closest friends can have deep and dark secrets, as Roxas will slowly but surely discover.

Continue reading “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days”

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

When the famous problem-solver Professor Layton and his plucky assistant Luke head to the town of St Mystère to investigate the secret of the Golden Apple, they have no idea just how many mysteries await them. Fortunately, their problem-solving skills fit right into a town where every inhabitant is obsessed with setting puzzles and brainteasers, but even the trickiest riddle is just an appetiser compared to the deepest secrets of St Mystère. Continue reading “Professor Layton and the Curious Village”

Heroes of Mana

Many generations ago, the spirits of Mana battled against the dark witch Anise and sealed her away, before the whole thing faded into legend. Now, however, the forces of good and evil are about to do battle again, thanks to the actions of a bored king and his ambitious general. It all begins one night when a Peddan soldier named Roget and the crew of the airship Nightswan are sent to scout behind enemy lines, but when they learn that their own superiors are plotting to start a war with all the nations of the world, Roget and his allies follow their hearts and resolve to use the power of Mana to combat the encroaching evil. Continue reading “Heroes of Mana”