Annual Round-Up 2007

A normal day at Azure Flame.

It’s been a year of ups and downs, of anime gems and utter disappointments- a year when I’ve alternated between craving more and feeling utterly fed up with the continuing deluge of episodes that take no account of the fact that people might have other things to do than stay in and watch all day. Nonetheless, in true years-end tradition, we must review all the new series in an Annual Round-Up, a project which I meant to periodically update through the year but ended up writing at the last minute again.

As always, red titles are those which were dropped, and blues are the picks of the year. Come back on Tuesday for the New Year Rumble, in which we take a look at the year in the life of Azure Flame.

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Final Thoughts: El Cazador de la Bruja

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to have an honest-to-goodness rant. I’ve tried to moderate myself and just post my thoughts in the form of structured reviews, but the time has come to break down those barriers and lay into the easiest target of the Spring 2007 season- El Cazador de la Bruja. A series which generated low expectations even before it began, Cazador nonetheless managed to plumb untold depths of dullness and monotony, and much as it pains me to revisit it in any form, this rant shall be a cathartic experience that will justify sitting through those twenty-six episodes in the first place.

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El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 26 [end]

Nadie and Ellis have finished their adventures, and now they seem ready to hand the baton of main character over to someone else and settle down into obscurity. When push comes to shove, however, will they be able to give up being the stars of the show?

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El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 25

The final confrontation has arrived, and Rosenberg reveals that all he ever wanted was a passionate night with Ellis! Naturally, Nadie is unwilling to give up her lover, but who will be triumphant in the end?

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Weekly Round-Up: October 26th- lazy edition

This week, we have “not enough time and inclination to watch all the anime that was released edition”. Enjoy.

Reviewed this week: El Cazador de la Bruja 25-6, Clannad 3, Dennou Coil 17-18, ef 3, Genshiken 2 3, Gundam 00 3, Higurashi Kai 15, Kaiji 3, Mokke 2-3, Shana II 3, Shion no Ou 1

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Weekly Round-Up: October 5th

Reviewed this week: Baccano! 7, El Cazador 24, Clannad 1, Darker than Black 24-5, Higurashi Kai 12-13, Mononoke 9, Mushi Uta 11, Oh! Edo Rocket 16-18, SaiMono II 20, Seirei no Moribito 24

…and in manga: Bartender 2, Chokotto Sister 45, Spiral Alive 8-10

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El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 24

Meeting your online friends in real life can be a big step, and it’s an even bigger one when you choose to come face to face with your cybersex partners. Nonetheless, Rosenberg is determined to try the real deal with Ricardo and LA, but will they be as compatible as their online personas?

I love the way Bee Train lets you feel up close and personal with the action. Continue reading “El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 24”

El Cazador de la Bruja parody episode 23

Whilst LA must discover what sort of Pleasure is available to a man without a Liang, Nadie and Ellis face yet another threat to their relationship- for having exhausted the possibilities of HARD YURI with her nameless underlings, Blue-Eyes is ready for Ellis to show her the ropes of BI. Can their relationship weather yet another week of ups and downs?

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Weekly Round-Up: September 28th

Reviewed this week: Baccano! 6, Dennou Coil 15-16, El Cazador 23, Mononoke 8, Mushi-Uta 10, RxJ 20-1, SaiMono II 19, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 7, Seirei no Moribito 23, Shounen Onmyouji 18, Sisters of Wellber 9

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