Weekly Round-Up: September 13th

Reviewed this week: Antique Bakery 8, Detroit Metal City 2-3, Gunslinger Girl- Il Teatrino 8, Hidamari Sketch x365 8, Itazura na Kiss 21, Koihime Musou 8-9, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 18, Love GetChu! 11, Nabari no Ou 20, Natsume Yuujinchou 9-10, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 9, Ryoko’s Case File 9, Sisters of Wellber Zwei 5, World Destruction 9-10, Xam’D 8

…and in manga: Doubt 14, Elfen Lied 105, Emma Bangaihen 11-12, Minami-ke 37-9, Sketchbook 19-22, Slayers Revolution 4, xxxHOLiC 164 Continue reading “Weekly Round-Up: September 13th”

Sunday News Bites: January 13th

Hello and welcome to the first Sunday News Bites of 2008! After its long hiatus, this was a feature I was reluctant to revive- unlike the Tuesday Rumble and Weekly Round-Up, it just didn’t seem as much of a part of the whole Azure Flame experience, and trying to get one of these ready every Sunday may have contributed to my lack of enthusiasm of blogging. Nonetheless, I want to give it one more chance to prove itself, and also hear from you, the readers- does Sunday News Bites press your buttons?

Anyway, joining us in the newsroom this week is the tiny artist Issun, as seen in Okami.

Take your PiQ
ADV’s Newtype was reported to have ceased publication this week, but just as read cried into their peach juice about the loss of its shininess, it was announced that the magazine would be replaced with a new one entitled PiQ Continue reading “Sunday News Bites: January 13th”

Annual Round-Up 2007

A normal day at Azure Flame.

It’s been a year of ups and downs, of anime gems and utter disappointments- a year when I’ve alternated between craving more and feeling utterly fed up with the continuing deluge of episodes that take no account of the fact that people might have other things to do than stay in and watch all day. Nonetheless, in true years-end tradition, we must review all the new series in an Annual Round-Up, a project which I meant to periodically update through the year but ended up writing at the last minute again.

As always, red titles are those which were dropped, and blues are the picks of the year. Come back on Tuesday for the New Year Rumble, in which we take a look at the year in the life of Azure Flame.

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Sixty Anime You Might Not Have Seen, But Probably Should: Part II

Welcome back to the lengthiest and most pointless project undertaken by this blog, now in its second and final part. First, a couple of disclaimers- I understand that Twelve Kingdoms is very good, but until my DVD boxsets arrive, I can’t comment. Also, Oh! Edo Rocket must be left out until it finishes airing.

Mahou Shoujotai

What’s it about?: Alice has always believed in magic, so when she is transported to a world of witches and wizards, it should be like a dream come true. Unfortunately, contrary to her idealistic vision, the people of this world do not use magic only to bring happiness, and so Alice feels compelled to make everyone listen to her optimistic views- and, naïve as they may seem, they may be the only hope of finding a way to save a dying world and ward off a plan to use powerful black Continue reading “Sixty Anime You Might Not Have Seen, But Probably Should: Part II”

Weekly Round-Up: August 3rd

Sorry for the lateness in posting this, it will probably won’t happen again.

Reviewed this week: Baccano 1, Cazador 17, Darker than Black 17, Dennou Coil 8-11, Doujin Work 4, Higurashi Kai 4, Ichigo Mashimaro OVA 3, Mononoke 1, Mushi-Uta 3-4, Romeo X Juliet 16, SaiMono 16, Zetsubou 3, Seirei 16

…and in manga: Emma Bangaihen 10, Shinigami no Ballad 2, Solanin 8-9, Spiral 42-3, Spiral Alive 7, Tennai 26-7, Tsubasa 162

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Weekly Round-Up: July 13th

This week, the new season continues to show little in the way of promise, whilst more and more swear themselves to the rising cult of Dennou Coil worship. Meanwhile, the world’s finest minds puzzle over how to get their cat to walk through a cat grooming ring.

Reviewed this week: Cazador 14, Darker than Black 13-14, Dennou Coil 7, Doujin Work 1, Higurashi Kai 1, RxJ 13, Seirei no Moribito 13, Shounen Onmyouji 16

In an unprecedented turn of events, I actually forgot about SaiMono until the last minute, and by then I was in Disgaea 2 obsession mode. It will be covered next week.

…and in manga: Emma Bangaihen 9, Erementar Gerad 25, Tsubasa 158-9

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Final Thoughts: Victorian Romance Emma Second Act

I would have used anime promo artwork, but it all made Hans look like a domineering man forcing himself on an unwilling Emma.

In the strict class system of Victorian England, a romance between a maid and a member of the gentry was never going to work, and so when Emma left London to return to her old home, it seemed like the best thing for everyone. But even as Emma makes a new life for herself as a maid for the German Molders family and William tries to accept that Eleanor is a much better match for him, fate somehow keeps bringing them together. Could it be that they are meant to be together after all?

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Sunday News Bites: July 8th

Can you believe that we’re onto the fourth edition of Sunday News Bites already? This week, we’re joined in the newsroom by Kira Yamato of Gundam Seed and Destiny fame, who takes a break from saving the universe to chime in with his opinions.

Fanboys rejoice
Yes, everyone else posted about it already, but why dedicate an entire and more timely blog post just to tell everyone that yes, a second season of Haruhi is on its way? Those who can still remember all the way back to 2006 will recall that I wrote not one but two rants about how Haruhi had disappointed me- and that my blog was so unpopular at the time that it provoked no comments or fanboyish rantings whatsoever. With that in mind, will I follow the crowd and tackle seaon two? Possibly, but I only hope that it covers the events of the fourth novel, which was the only one I really enjoyed.

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Weekly Round-Up: July 6th

This week in anime, old series are finishing whilst new ones begin, and licensing forces me to resort to raws once again. The question is- will I ever get around to seeing the rest of Love GetChu and Shounen Onmyouji (surely not the hardest series to understand with or without subs)?

Reviewed this week: Darker than Black 11-12, Dennou Coil 6, Cazador 13, Nodame 22-3, RxJ 12, SaiMono II 12, Seirei no Moribito 12, Emma II 10-12, Winter Cicada 3, Zombie-Loan 1

…and in manga: Claymore 1-73, Claymore Side Story 1, Yotsuba& 47

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Tuesday Rumble: July 3rd

chibi-dii-blog.pngWe begin this week with some shameless self-indulgence, as I list the figures I would like to get.

  • Kureha: despite the unfortunate association with Shining Wind, I cannot help but want this.
  • Himawari: I didn’t want this at first and it’s not normally the style of figure I like, but she’s just so brightly coloured, cute and energetic.
  • Shenhua: the big ears are distracting but I love the costume and pose.
  • Fasalina: Okay, so the boobs are totally unrealistic but I must have it- nothing shall come between me and getting this figure.

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