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Love Hina, or how I lost a good chunk of vital brain cells

It’s funny how things go back and forth. Back in the olden days when anime was a fresh and exciting product from a distant land, Love Hina was one of the staples that you just had to see- a combination … Continue reading

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Burst Angel: Plenty of nipples but not much plot

Recommendations are tricky things. Sometimes, someone will alert you to a worthy series that had completely passed you by, and you’ll understandably be thankful that they did (although if you end up forking out for DVDs, your bank balance may … Continue reading

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Kiddy Grade: Possibly the most misleading trailer I’ve ever watched

A few years ago, I happened to stumble across FUNimation’s trailer for the recently released Kiddy Grade. It was a trailer that immediately captivated me, promising a futuristic tale of secret agents with special abilities, not to mention a tragic … Continue reading

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