Tuesday Rumble: August 14th

chibi-dii-blog.pngBefore (or preferably after) you read this, be sure to take a look at all the great entries in the Animeblogger mascot competition (and yes, that one labelled Karura was from me). Personally, my money’s on Xephonia to win

Anime Nano: the RPG

The other day, a random remark on the Anime Nano forums gave birth to the idea of it being an MMORPG rather than a blog aggregator, and of course, me being me, I couldn’t help but think “where better to explore this idea than Tuesday Rumble?”. So, without further ado, let us explore Anime Nano: the RPG! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: August 14th”

Tuesday Rumble: August 7th

chibi-dii-blog.pngChevalier: Deleted Scenes

Ever felt that there wasn’t enough to Chevalier? Maybe you just wanted the HARD GAY scenes to be shown onscreen? If that’s the case, then you won’t want to miss this exclusive look at the scenes that never made it into the broadcast version.

Scenes included:

  • Orleans’ final HARD GAY with Broglie.
  • An extended flashback about the intimate relationship Teillagory had with his son.
  • A lengthier explanation as to why Robespierre suddenly had to leave this world.
  • Teillagory training young d’Eon and Lia with his old antique.
  • A hilarious “light” segment in which d’Eon desperately tries to avoid Anna’s pursuit through the city.
  • Increased screen time and back story for Giuseppe and Lorenza.
  • More convenient escapes by carriage.

Sadly, Louis and Broglie doing the deed will never be made available, due to potential audience trauma. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: August 7th”

Tuesday Rumble: July 31st

(chibi-dii-blog.pngFor some reason, the anime blog scene has been overtaken with ideas about how to find love (in the 3D sense), and so I will impart a small bit of advice to the guys- go to dance lessons. I know you’ll now be thinking how much less appealing this is than some MANLY team sport, but let’s just think for a moment about which sounds more HARD GAY- getting into a close hold with a (hopefully) beautiful woman, or getting naked in the locker room showers with ten other guys?

Anyway, the advantages of attending dance lessons are as follows-

  • Women will always, always outnumber men at the lessons. That means you get your pick of single ladies (note: do not try to compete with the good looking male instructor).
  • Women will be impressed if you can dance, since it’s a rare skill among men.
  • If all goes well, you’ll know how to dance in plenty of time for your wedding.

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Tuesday Rumble: July 24th

emember a few months ago when Amazon recommended me a book on genetics just because I once bought Tokyo Mew Mew? Well, it’s happened again.

“We’ve noticed that customers who have expressed interest in “Tokyo Mew Mew Vol. 2: v. 2 (Tokyo Mew-Mew)” by Mia Ikumi have also ordered “Essentials of Genetic Engineering” by S.K. Jain. For this reason, you might like to know that this book is now available. You can order yours for just £51.94″

I wonder, do people who buy the same manga as me get recommendations for physics textbooks?

Soutetsu no Aquarion

Welcome to a brand new anime fusion, one that sees Soutetsu Ibaragi of Iroha take over as commander of the Aquarion team. Obsessed with finding the perfect gattai, Soutetsu invites the bishiest looking teenagers to ride on the Aquarion, but who will be worthy of “riding” with him? Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: July 24th”

Tuesday Rumble: July 17th


Fei Wong’s Villain Phrasebook

Greetings, aspiring villains of the week, month and series! Have you ever found yourself stuck for something to say in a tense situation? If so, Fei Wong’s Villain’s Phrasebook was written for you, and to show you how useful it can be, Tuesday Rumble has been given permission to print an extract from the book as special preview.

When things go wrong

Remember, you must never seem to have made a mistake, no matter how poor your judgement was in any given situation. To that end, use these catch-all phrases to shift blame away from yourself. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: July 17th”

Tuesday Rumble: July 10th

I was going to give you some amusing spam e-mails in this introduction, but after the copying and pasting resulted in an immense block of text I decided to scrap it for something even funnier- this little gem. I never noticed any referrals from it before, but now, nine months after the fact, I have to laugh at how the readers of this forum believed that my fake School Rumble info was actually real…and then laugh some more.

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Tuesday Rumble: July 3rd

chibi-dii-blog.pngWe begin this week with some shameless self-indulgence, as I list the figures I would like to get.

  • Kureha: despite the unfortunate association with Shining Wind, I cannot help but want this.
  • Himawari: I didn’t want this at first and it’s not normally the style of figure I like, but she’s just so brightly coloured, cute and energetic.
  • Shenhua: the big ears are distracting but I love the costume and pose.
  • Fasalina: Okay, so the boobs are totally unrealistic but I must have it- nothing shall come between me and getting this figure.

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Tuesday Rumble: June 26th


A guide to anime hair

Anime hair is a strange thing- it completely refuses to obey the normal laws of physics, requiring a whole new set of regulations to be written out for it.

  • Don’t worry about dye- exotic and unlikely colours can and will grow naturally. In fact, in some worlds they are more prevalent than normal hair colours. Bi- or even tri-coloured styles are also possible.
  • Hair will only ever grow if the plot demands it; otherwise it just remains in the exact same style indefinitely.
  • White or silver hair is not a sign of age, and is in fact desirable if you wish to look evil and mysterious.
  • Hair is extremely difficult to damage, to the point where only the most damaging and stressful of situations can have any effect on it.
  • When cutting one’s hair, it is imperative to just hack at it with a knife- somehow it will automatically fall into a perfect style.

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Tuesday Rumble: June 19th

chibi-dii-blog.pngSpoiler warning: I’m going to be giving away some twists from the DNAngel anime, but does anyone really care? Also look out for Kaleido Star spoilers.

The lesson we must learn from this week is not to write Tuesday Rumble at the very last minute- but would you have noticed if I hadn”t mentioned it?

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Tuesday Rumble: June 12th


If your sensibilities are not easily offended, you may find Sexy English amusing. A video intended to help Japanese speakers learn slang terms for intercourse and genitalia, it doesn’t show anything explicit, but it should still be considered NSFW.

Oh, and apparently a Tsubasa OVA has been announced. The only hope for it being any good is to not have Bee Train “animate” it (then again, Production I.G.’s Tsubasa movie was hardly stellar).

Bug Master revisited

41 weeks ago, the very first Tuesday Rumble brought us Bug Master, an imaginary edited version of Mushishi. Now we return to expand on that idea with the 4Kids version: Bug Master ~Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: June 12th”