Production I.G.: From the highs of Chevalier to the lows of xxxHOLiC

I’ve looked at past and present subsidiaries Bee Train and Xebec, but what has Production I.G. themselves brought to the anime scene? The number of series they have brought us may be relatively limited, but from the technological future of Ghost in the Shell to the historical fantasy of Otogi Zoshi and Chevalier, both content and quality vary across the board. Continue reading “Production I.G.: From the highs of Chevalier to the lows of xxxHOLiC”

Weekly Round-Up: November 10th

Keroro’s father does not approve of HARD GAY.

I hate resizing images. Picture heavy posts are always tough and tedious work, because up until now I’ve been resizing them manually. It was only last night that I finally discovered the power of the batch resizing program, a device which shall make my life infinitely easier. No longer shall I spend hours at my computer painstakingly editing images- now I can go out and live (or more likely, stay in and spend time at the computer doing something else).

Reviewed this week: Asatte no Houkou 4, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto 3-4, Busou Renkin 5, Bartender 2, Code Geass 4, Death Note 5, Hecatan 1, Kanon 5, Keroro 63, Chevalier 9, Negima!? 4, Otogi-jushi Akazukin 15-16, Red Garden 4, ROTK 29, SaiMono 20, Shounen Onmyouji 2, YoakeNa 5

…and in manga: Furuba 133-4, GITS 1.5 1, Gokinjo 33, Otome 33, Spiral 17-18, NHK 32, Haruhi Suzumiya novel 4.4 Continue reading “Weekly Round-Up: November 10th”

Second Seasons: Second Rate? Part One: Picking up where you left off

If you like something, it seems only natural to want more of it- anime included. After all, if it comes down to a choice between more episodes about your favourite characters and settings, or watching something new and unproven, the former may well sound infinitely preferable. Unfortunately, the saying “too much of a good thing” exists for a reason; not every franchise can weather the demands of supplying additional content, resulting in worn out, recycled scenarios, tiresome, unimaginative filler, or an attempt to be different that destroys the very heart of what made it good in the first place. Continue reading “Second Seasons: Second Rate? Part One: Picking up where you left off”

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Apple Gig

Reinterpreting the ending of SAC 2nd Gig.

A series of strange events in Tokyo all points to one thing- a mysterious apple maniac is on the loose. As the evidence mounts up, Section Nine are forced to consider an unwelcome possibility- could the culprit be Major Kusanagi herself?

The first clue: the mysterious disappearance of a warehouse filled with apples. Continue reading “Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Apple Gig”