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Annual Round-Up: 2006

I can now exclusively reveal that the reason my blog is so HARD GAY is because I have Lui chained up in my basement. As the days became depressingly short and winter tightened its grip upon the land, I had … Continue reading

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Second Seasons: Second Rate? Part Two: Remakes, Spin-Offs and Alternate Universes

Those with the ability to recall trivial and largely useless information may recall that some time ago, I wrote an article about second seasons that directly followed on from the first, and whether they were always destined to be inferior … Continue reading

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.hack//INFECTION to QUARANTINE: a fangirl’s journey

When I first decided that I wanted to write this article (somewhere back in May/June), I knew it would be difficult. A quick flick through my rants section will show how easy I find it to rip certain series to … Continue reading

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.hack//Roots 26 [end]: HARD GAY’s Greatest Loss

…and yes, I watched this episode myself too! What is the world coming to? The unthinkable has happened. Phyllo, staple of the Mac Anu bridge and chief coordinator of The World:r2’s HARD GAY, is gone. As the male players try … Continue reading

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.hack//Roots 25: Who Will Tabby Choose?

Before I begin, I thought I should mention that, since my usual source for screencaps wasn’t available, I actually went to the effort of watching this episode myself. This may not sound like anything remarkable, but considering I haven’t watched … Continue reading

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.hack//Roots 24: The HARD GAY challenge

Haseo has always been a conflicted man. Torn between the lure of HARD GAY and his lingering feelings for women, he threw himself into whatever was at hand in order to escape his inner turmoil- drugs, adult tapes, even a … Continue reading

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.hack//Roots 23: The Truth Comes Out

Much as they’ve tried to keep it hidden, the truth had to come out eventually- Hideo is the illicit lovechild of Tabby and Haseo. Although Tabby officially has custody of him, she tries to encourage Haseo to take an active … Continue reading

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.hack//Roots 22: the three of us together are…TABBY SENTAI!

Poor Tabby- first her band split up, then her performing troupe fizzled out, and even her brief stint as a counsellor was a failure. Now, she may have finally found her place as a member of Seisaku’s black ops division, … Continue reading

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.hack//Roots 21: HARD GAY vs. HARD YURI

With HARD GAY slowly taking over The World:r2, the only choice remaining for female players was to join Pai’s HARD YURI team- but now, the question has arisen as to which is better. In an attempt to prove things one … Continue reading

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.hack//Roots 20: Pleasure and Pain

Thanks to the Taihaku specials, Haseo has relapsed into his life of binge drinking and hard drugs. Phyllo and Tabby have done all that they can to help him, but now Saburo has committed herself to bringing him back to … Continue reading

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