Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

When Sora briefly became a Heartless in the original Kingdom Hearts, the remainder of his self created his Nobody- Roxas. And for the year that Sora was asleep after the events of Chain of Memories, Roxas was recruited as a member of Organisation XIII, who hoped that his unique ability among Nobodies to wield a Keyblade would enable him to gather the hearts they need. A blank slate with no memory of his past, Roxas is swiftly put to work carrying out missions for the Organisation alongside his friends Axel and Xion. But in the Organisation, even your closest friends can have deep and dark secrets, as Roxas will slowly but surely discover.

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Kingdom Hearts

Sora, Riku and Kairi are best friends living on the idyllic Destiny Island. Driven by the dream of worlds beyond their own, the trio work together on a raft to take them to new places- but nothing can prepare them for the reality of what lies in wait. Separated from his friends when the dark entities known as Heartless attack, Sora must take up his role as wielder of the Keyblade and travel across the worlds searching for the others. On the way, he will meet both enemies and allies, including many familiar faces from the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy. Continue reading “Kingdom Hearts”