Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 9

Apologies to everyone who has been waiting for the next instalment of this RPG; it wasn’t that the project had died, but rather that I fell into a combination of being busy with other things and feeling little enthusiasm for this particular episode of the anime. I also wanted to put in an ambitious stealth section where the player had to dodge lasers, fight dogs and avoid guards, but I’m afraid that became something of an insurmountable hurdle for someone of my skill and so it had to be abandoned until the Director’s Cut edition. Continue reading “Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 9”

Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 8

The eighth episode is finally here, and with it I’ve made some changes to the game. The default font for the game has been changed to the more attractive Palatino Linotype, the ‘Even Better Weather’ script from Creation Asylum has been added, and I’ve tinkered with the battle system to remove the Fight/Escape menu (pointless since escape is permanently disabled in this game) and replace the EXP/Gold screen with a simple ‘Victory is Yours’ message (EXP and Gold are also irrelevant in the game). Continue reading “Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 8”

Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 7


It was something of a disappointment to find that anime episode seven wasn’t as good as imagined; the episode that introduced Nao wasn’t exactly poor, but as far as RPG material goes, it wasn’t the best I had to work with. The result- a lot of fiddly and troublesome scenes that took an age to complete (and if I’m perfectly honest, still contain a few bugs). Continue reading “Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 7”

Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 6

Episode six turned out to be a particularly complex one to create; not only did Midori have to be transformed into a playable character, but every scene seemed to require some trick or another. Oddly enough, the section that required the most work was the seemingly simplistic ‘rocks falling in a cave’ event towards the end- it took me all evening to create the perfect falling rock animation and then dig out my old first year computing lab skills to get it looping correctly (even now, I’m not entirely satisfied with it, but that’s probably more to do with the limitations of RPG Maker than anything else). Continue reading “Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 6”

Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 5

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to doing episode five; in my mind I think of it as the ‘angst episode’ in which nothing really happens- not to mention the fact that it required no small number of new sprites and locations. Fortunately, it all went better than expected, and thus I can present to you the RPG version of episode 5.

I’ve also continued to clean up a few things from earlier episodes, whilst fanboys will be pleased to hear that Midori is almost ready to make her debut as a playable character. Continue reading “Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 5”

Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 4

RPG Maker is a minefield of subtle traps, all designed to ensure that the event you planned doesn’t work as you had envisioned. In episode four, my problem was that characters weren’t moving the way they were meant to after they first appeared on the map; fortunately, sticking in a short wait (my answer to everything) between the time they appeared and the time they started moving solved the problem. That’s the trouble with RPG Maker- it isn’t always clear which events will try to run simultaneously and thus mess up your carefully laid plans.

As well as tidying up a couple of things from earlier episodes, I’ve decided to alter my Kagutsuchi and Dhuran animations. I’ll also be attempting a tentacle attack animation which hopefully won’t look too awful. Continue reading “Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 4”

Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 3

Episode three presented one of my greatest RPG Maker challenges yet- creating a sprite of Mashiro sitting in a wheelchair. For some reason, the RPG Maker world seems to eschew sitting in favour of continual standing up, and so without a reference sprite to work with, I was left to mess up all by myself. Fortunately, the resulting creation, whilst hardly good, was at least not too hideous. I’ve also edited my first tileset, if by editing you can count resizing a few tiles.

For now, I haven’t got to adjusting the monsters’ strength and the items they drop after battle; that’s something I’ll probably go back and do once the basic flow of events is done and the battles are set. Continue reading “Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 3”

Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 2

Making an RPG is an arduous task. Before even opening RPG Maker, you may find yourself spending hours in a graphics program trying to make the perfect sprite, tileset, animation or battle graphic. Once that is complete, you have to load your game project and start making some area maps, all the while trying to ensure that they don’t look completely awful (map-making is an art, and I’m sad to say it’s one I seem to lack). After that comes event creation, in which it takes half a page of instructions just to get your party to walk across the map and talk to someone; with that in place, you can move onto battles, and the tedious task of deciding which monster to have, how strong they should be, what abilities everyone should have, and what items they should drop. Continue reading “Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 2”

Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 1

When I first started this blog, I promised that from time to time, I would write about my experiences with RPG Maker XP. Unfortunately, making an RPG is a lot more tedious than it sounds, so for the last few months there hasn’t been much motivation to work on one, let alone write about. At long last, however, I have decided to start posting about my work on “Mai-HiME: the RPG”, in the hopes that it will encourage me to finish the game.

The game is fairly simple as RPGs go, consisting of cutscenes that follow the TV series storyline, and set battles corresponding to the ones seen in the relevant episodes. There are no random battles or opportunities for the player to wander around by themselves, but since it’s made using the RPG Maker engine, I’m still calling it an RPG. Continue reading “Mai-HiME the RPG: Episode 1”