Tuesday Rumble: September 30th

How I became ‘perverted’

Maintaining a reputation can be difficult sometimes- one minute you’ve convinced everyone you’re as sweet and innocent as they come, the next you’ve gained a reputation for being a bit of a pervert. The latter isn’t true, of course, but how could such a misunderstanding have come about? Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: September 30th”

Tuesday Rumble: May 13th

Anime Blog Awards, go vote for Azure Flame, let me know if my posting sexy pictures of myself will increase readership, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Spice and Wolf the game

Missing Spice and Wolf? Then why not imagine what it might be like if the series had its own video game? You’ll take on the role of either Horo or Lawrence as the pair of you travel across the country trading various goods. Collect data on the best places to buy and sell different commodities and slowly build up your fortune. Spend the money on buying shops, recruiting subordinates or just unlocking extras like costumes for the world’s shapeliest wolf girl. The possibilities are endless! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: May 13th”

Tuesday Rumble: March 25th

chibi-dii-blog.pngSuperficial reasons for watching a particular series
Much as I’d like to say that every anime I watch is picked through a rigorous series of selection tests, I have to admit that it often doesn’t work that way. Therefore, this week on Tuesday Rumble, we go behind the scenes to determine those superficial things that draw me to certain series.

  • Fat cats: really, what better reason could there be to watch a series than because it has overweight felines in it? It was this that brought me to Stratos 4, and kept me going with Mai-Otome.
  • Title: if the mere title of a series sounds interesting, or simply vaguely like something that I already like, I feel oddly drawn to it. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: March 25th”

Tuesday Rumble: January 22nd

chibi-dii-blog.pngDear Azure Flame readers, it seems that a curse has come upon this blog- even before the whole domain name trouble that blighted the weekend. So many people searched for questionable search terms that I had to share them with you via Tuesday Rumble, only for me to be banished to Google Hell because of the repeated occurrence of said terms. For that reason, I shall duly censor my search terms from now on, whilst keeping them as hilarious as ever- and you perverts who searched for them in the first place can go to heck and face the fury of Santa.

Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: January 22nd”

Tuesday Rumble: October 2nd


The Higurashi Cookbook

With the numerous cookbooks and cooking shows on TV, it can be hard for novice chefs to know just where they should start. Worry no longer, however, for we have just the solution- in the form of the comprehensive and easy to use Higurashi Cookbook! And here on Tuesday Rumble, we have been given exclusive permission to reprint extracts from this, the newest contender on the culinary literature market. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: October 2nd”

Tuesday Rumble: September 11th

chibi-dii-blog.pngThe other day, I learned something which changed everything I once knew and held to be true. What was this profound truth, you might ask? Well, by using first person mode in the original .hack games, my sister and I have been able to look inside grunties, and they have been discovered to be hollow. What sort of life can we lead now that we know that grunties are mere frames with sheets stretched over them?

Useless Gaming FAQ Advice

Picture the scene- you’re so hideously stuck on a game that you just have to refer to a FAQ (or you’re just lazy), but instead of the detailed strategies you were hoping for, there is a statement so blatantly obvious it need never have been written in the first place. Here are some examples of the sort of frustratingly useless gaming advice you wish you’d never read. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: September 11th”

Tuesday Rumble: June 26th


A guide to anime hair

Anime hair is a strange thing- it completely refuses to obey the normal laws of physics, requiring a whole new set of regulations to be written out for it.

  • Don’t worry about dye- exotic and unlikely colours can and will grow naturally. In fact, in some worlds they are more prevalent than normal hair colours. Bi- or even tri-coloured styles are also possible.
  • Hair will only ever grow if the plot demands it; otherwise it just remains in the exact same style indefinitely.
  • White or silver hair is not a sign of age, and is in fact desirable if you wish to look evil and mysterious.
  • Hair is extremely difficult to damage, to the point where only the most damaging and stressful of situations can have any effect on it.
  • When cutting one’s hair, it is imperative to just hack at it with a knife- somehow it will automatically fall into a perfect style.

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Tuesday Rumble: March 27th

chibi-dii-blog.pngSpoiler Alert: This week it’s Gankutsuou and Good Witch.

There’s something to be said for cheat saving using an emulator, and that is that it makes games a lot easier for lazy people like me. With it, the Cave of Trials in Star Ocean 2 becomes infinitely less painful, whilst in Harvest Moon hurricanes and blizzards can be avoided without having to replay an entire day.

Harvest Moon: Fusion

Can’t get enough of Harvest Moon? Ever wished that Grandpa Anton could lend some of his massive wealth to the up and coming young Anton to help him on his way? Ever wanted your Forget-Me-Not Valley Anton to be able to take a day trip to Mineral Town and see where it all began? Well, now you can, with Harvest Moon: Fusion! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: March 27th”

Tuesday Rumble: March 20th

chibi-dii-blog.pngSpoiler Alert! Harvest Moon O gives away the ending of Big O, and it shouldn’t take a genius to realise the Chevalier Death Awards are going to be intensely spoilerific.

I’ve been reading Viz’s release of the Hikaru no Go manga, and although I’m opposed to edits in general, the ones here are amusing by virtue of their half-heartedness. For example, in the scene where Kaga stubs out his cigarette on a Go board, they can’t seem to decide if it’s okay for it to be a cigarette or whether he “put out his gum” (you can smoke chewing gum now?). On another occasion, his cigarette is changed to a firecracker he just happened to be setting off for no reason, but the teacher calls him a “gum chewing brat”, whilst still other scenes of smokers are left as they are. So, are cigarettes evil, or is it firecrackers and gum that are leading our kids down the wrong path? You decide, for Viz cannot.

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Tuesday Rumble: March 6th

chibi-dii-blog.pngThis week in the blogworld, topics of choice include “death of Danbooru”, “successor of Danbooru” and, incongruously, “love” (as in real life, not adult games). What a shame I don’t have anything to say about any of those topics- instead I’ll just have to moan about how ironic it is that I hate filling in forms (to the extent that I always leave them to the last minute) but have somehow ended up doing a load of paperwork for my sister.

Stratos 4: The Admiral

Fat cat fans- rejoice at the release of this new Stratos 4 OVA, starring The Admiral herself! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: March 6th”