Autumn 2007 Preview, or Fall for you Yanks

chibi-karura-blog.pngIt’s that time again, when I write about all the anime to come in the next month or so, ignoring the fact that everyone else does this already. I’ve given up on the whole predicting what I will or won’t watch, since it’s laughably inaccurate- let’s just get down to what will be replacing the spring and summer series on our viewing schedules.

Moonlight Mile season 2

I did try to get on with the first season of Moonlight Mile, but after a barely comprehensible opening episode and warnings of extreme MANLINESS ahead, I never did continue with it. I’m not sure if anyone (other than Kryptfo?) actually watched to the end of season one, but if they did, they’ll probably be ready for more STRAIGHT adventures with the manly men of space. Continue reading “Autumn 2007 Preview, or Fall for you Yanks”

Weekly Round-Up: May 25th

To everyone who has commented on Mai-Otome Zwei episode 2 to say how complex it is, I give you this– episode three’s topless scene.

Reviewed this week: Cazador 7, Claymore 7-8, Darker than Black 6, KouSang 6, Moonlight Mile 1, Nodame 17, RxJ 6-7, Emma II 4

…and in manga: Elfen Lied 76, Spiral vol 7

Bokurano is not technically dropped, but it is on a long hiatus. To make up for the recent spate of drops I’m catching up with Moonlight Mile and may start Polyphonica. Continue reading “Weekly Round-Up: May 25th”