Potemayo: the fridge really can spawn new life forms

No one knows why or how she appeared, but one day the small life form who came to be called ‘Potemayo’ just showed up from the depths of Sunao Moriyama’s fridge. And just as Sunao and his friends got used to incorporating this cute yet mysterious creature into their lives, along came another one- the tiny tsundere Guchuko. Still, life must go on, and so in short order Potemayo and Guchuko just become another part of the everyday experiences of those around them.

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Weekly Round-Up: May 30th

Reviewed this week: Chi’s Sweet Home 29-32, Himitsu 4, Itazura na Kiss 8, Kaiba 5, Kurenai 8, Persona Trinity Soul 10, Real Drive 5, Shion no Ou 20, Toshokan Sensou 7

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Summer 2007 Preview: It won’t take much to make it better than 2005-6 combined

Yes, that Spring Preview (so important it has to be capitalised) wasn’t a one-off, because now I’m doing another one for summer, so that you can all read what you’ve read a hundred times before on other blogs.

As we all know, during the summer we are expected to be outside enjoying the sunshine and the like, and so the selection of anime offered to us is rather limited compared to the lush bounty of the spring and autumn seasons. Good summer series tend to be few and far between, and even ones that are mildly entertaining can be hard to find. Can this year break the trend, or is it going to be more of the same?

I’m not bothering with movies this time, I never seem to actually watch them.

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