Pumpkin Scissors parody 16

With the Viagra crisis still ongoing, rumours of documents containing explicit diagrams of advanced HARD GAY techniques cause the army to mobilise in search of them. Can Section III save the day or will they too fall prey to wanting to see these new Pleasuring methods?

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Pumpkin Scissors parody 15 part I

Whilst the Viagra racket refuses to crack under pressure, Huang Gai decide to turn up the heat by sending out an operative to administer Flaming Pleasure to anyone who wants it- and even those who don’t. How will Pumpkin Scissors deal with these threats to the efficient distribution of BI?

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Pumpkin Scissors parody 14 part I

When Section III tries to help a group of sewer-dwelling refugees set up new lives on the surface, they unsurprisingly run into difficulties. Not only is the underground world one of seedy BI, but someone down there has started distributing Viagra- just who is it who is not up to giving Pleasure on their own strength?

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