Sunday News Bites: March 30th

Clannad After Story confirmed
Can’t get enough Clannad? Then fear not, for an After Story sequel has inevitably been confirmed, and although a release date has not been announced, you can tickle your taste buds with this 18 second trailer (actually about 12 seconds of content and 6 of a still screen entitled “After Story”).
Entertainment correspondent Aria: Punyu. [This was an inevitable announcement, really, and whilst it will probably be decent enough, it’s undoubtedly going to be filled with sadness and depression.] Continue reading “Sunday News Bites: March 30th”

Rozen Maiden volume 4

They were meant to be inseparable twin sisters, but now Suiseiseki and Souseiseki have ended up on opposite sides- one serving a master acting on a long-held grudge, and the other desperate to save her twin from doing anything rash. With the help of Jun, Shinku and Hinaichigo, Suiseiseki decides to confront her sister, but if she cannot persuade her to stand down, they will have no choice but to do battle.

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Sunday News Bites: June 24th

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites. This week, we are joined in the newsroom by Romeo X Juliet’s Tybalt, who kindly took a break from riding his HORSE to offer insights on this week’s breaking and not-so-breaking stories.

Do you hack .hack?
.hack fans should be pleased to learn that Tokyopop has picked up three of the four new manga series- GU+ (a companion to the GU games), GnU (a tale of minor characters in The World:r2) and 4Koma. Whilst GU+ was reasonably enjoyable and 4Koma ranged between the dire and the amusing, I haven’t read enough of GnU to form a proper opinion on it, although overall these three series don’t stand out enough for me to want to buy them. I may have once been a .hack fangirl, but with the coming of the second generation material, I’m more wary of buying every piece of merchandise with the .hack name on it. Continue reading “Sunday News Bites: June 24th”

Rozen Maiden volumes 2-3

Jun may have thought that sharing his life with living doll Shinku was an unwelcome upset, but as he soon discovers, it’s a walk in the park compared with what’s to come. First, there’s Hinaichigo to deal with- a spoiled and childish doll who almost costs his friend Tomoe her life when she insists that they play together forever. And no sooner is that little situation resolved than another doll, Suiseiseki, appears to ask Shinku and the others to help rescue her ‘twin sister’ from the clutches of her evil master. Can Jun handle this influx of doll related troubles, and perhaps learn something about himself in the process?

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Tuesday Rumble: April 3rd

chibi-dii-blog.pngSometimes you get linked by the strangest places. Over the months, I’ve not only somehow got referrals from porn sites (they must be getting desperate if they need to link to an anime blog that has no porn), but my Red Garden review somehow got picked up by an aggregator for garden centre related posts.

I also regret the missed opportunity to write an April Fool’s post extolling the virtues of Hello Kitty TV; oh well, maybe next year.

HARD YURI School of Angst
Coming this spring to an anime slot near you, enjoy HARD YURI School of Angst! Shouko has just started high school at the all girl YURI Academy Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: April 3rd”

Tuesday Rumble: January 30th

chibi-dii-blog.pngBehold the magic of the scheduled post! Since I couldn’t bear to have a week bereft of Tuesday Rumble (or perhaps because I have too much to say and too little time to say it in as it is), the show must go on even in my absence. To make up for it, say hello to chibi Dii, the new ‘host’ of Tuesday Rumble (and no, he’s not a new writer, just something I drew) and wish me luck as I try to find two brain cells to rub together for my interview.

Meine Liebe Wurst
Welcome to the third season of popular bishounen series Meine Liebe- Meine Liebe Wurst! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: January 30th”

Rozen Maiden Deconstructed


A year ago, in the dark and distant pre-Azure Flame days, I finally got around to watching both Rozen Maiden and the then recently aired second season Traumend. Despite some inconsistencies in the plot, on the whole I felt it had been an enjoyable experience, and in my mind, Rozen Maiden was firmly marked as an eminently worthy series.

The recent release of the Overture OVA, however, made me rethink my position- whilst I couldn’t deny that I had indeed enjoyed those episodes, I could no longer ignore the fact that the anime was filled with annoying plot holes. Continue reading “Rozen Maiden Deconstructed”

Annual Round-Up: 2006

I can now exclusively reveal that the reason my blog is so HARD GAY is because I have Lui chained up in my basement.

As the days became depressingly short and winter tightened its grip upon the land, I had the great idea of summarising all the 2006 series I watched in one great ‘Annual Round-Up’; hardly an original idea since everyone likes to do it, but nonetheless a course I became determined to take. Little did I realise that such an innocent decision would lead to a massive fifteen page document that took over a month to compile; in fact, if I had any sense, I would take the lazy route of posting this over several days in order to avoid having to write anything else for a week or so. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on your perspective), I’d rather just include it all in one guide so that I can get on with writing newer and more interesting things to spice up the inevitably dull and grey January.

I shall also take this opportunity to thank necromancer, whose screencaps made many parody posts and Tuesday Rumble sections possible, as well as my blogging ‘sempai’, who can identify himself if he wishes.

For once, red is not for generally poor series, just for the ones I dropped before the end of their run (mostly because they were generally poor). Series in blue are my top picks for the year. Links lead to earlier reviews, rants and parodies of the series in question.

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Weekly Round-Up: December 29th


By virtue of recalling how dull a character Saber is, I’ve managed to get the need for Dark Saber and Maid Saber out of my system (not the one with the chair, the one that actually looks good), but unfortunately the figure wish list just keeps on growing. Aside from the expensive Feena which I’m still deliberating over, the current list includes the following (bear in mind that I have no idea who either of these characters are):

  • Shiki: I rarely see worthy male figures, but this one looks quite appealing, and it’s cheap enough to be seriously considered.
  • Saika: Quite expensive for what it is, but I love the hair, and the blue colour scheme will contrast nicely with Ignis and Hikaru.

Reviewed this week: Aria the Natural 18-19, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto 7-8, Busou Renkin 11, Kanon 12, Keroro 74, MariMite OVA 1, Red Garden 11, ROTK 36, Rozen Maiden Ouverture

…and in manga: Hataraki Man 2, Mai-Otome vol 5, REC 23-5, SaiMono 5 Continue reading “Weekly Round-Up: December 29th”

Can anime surpass its source material? Part One: manga-based series

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that I have a habit of unfavourably comparing anime series to the original manga- it’s not something I do to be provocative or controversial, merely a statement of my opinion. As my manga experience has increased, I have continually found that the majority of manga-based anime series simply do not live up to the original, regardless of which version I was exposed to first.

From some viewpoints, this may seem a little strange- surely black and white pictures squeezed onto an A5 page cannot compared to something that has colour, movement and sound? Admittedly, this is often case for action series; trying to follow a battle via static images is often a futile cause, but most other genres seem to lose something in the transition from page to screen. Continue reading “Can anime surpass its source material? Part One: manga-based series”