Final Thoughts: Sisters of Wellber Zwei

Rita’s name has been cleared and her country saved, but she isn’t quite ready to settle down just yet. Instead, the intrepid princess decides to accompany her friends on a quest to track down the man who killed Tina’s parents- but along the way they will run into conspiracies, a love triangle and any number of trials that will test their friendship to the limit. Continue reading “Final Thoughts: Sisters of Wellber Zwei”

Weekly Round-Up: September 13th

Reviewed this week: Antique Bakery 8, Detroit Metal City 2-3, Gunslinger Girl- Il Teatrino 8, Hidamari Sketch x365 8, Itazura na Kiss 21, Koihime Musou 8-9, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 18, Love GetChu! 11, Nabari no Ou 20, Natsume Yuujinchou 9-10, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 9, Ryoko’s Case File 9, Sisters of Wellber Zwei 5, World Destruction 9-10, Xam’D 8

…and in manga: Doubt 14, Elfen Lied 105, Emma Bangaihen 11-12, Minami-ke 37-9, Sketchbook 19-22, Slayers Revolution 4, xxxHOLiC 164 Continue reading “Weekly Round-Up: September 13th”

Weekly Round-Up: September 5th

Reviewed this week: Antique Bakery 7, Chi’s Sweet Home 77-83, Chocolate Underground 7, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki 16-17, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 8, Ryoko’s Case File 8, Slayers Revolution 8-9, Soul Eater 21-2, Telepathy Shoujo Ran 10, Sisters of Wellber Zwei 1-4, World Destruction 8

…and in manga: backlog continues to pile up Continue reading “Weekly Round-Up: September 5th”

Final Thoughts: Wellber no Monogatari ~Sisters of Wellber~ season one

When Princess Rita of Wellber stabs her fiancé, there is no time to hang around and explain why she was forced to take action- instead, her only hope of survival is to flee in the company of female thief Tina. Now, Rita and Tina have only a matter of days to elude their would-be captors and reach the country of Greedom- because if they fail, Rita’s life and the peace of an entire nation will be at stake.

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Tuesday Rumble: March 25th

chibi-dii-blog.pngSuperficial reasons for watching a particular series
Much as I’d like to say that every anime I watch is picked through a rigorous series of selection tests, I have to admit that it often doesn’t work that way. Therefore, this week on Tuesday Rumble, we go behind the scenes to determine those superficial things that draw me to certain series.

  • Fat cats: really, what better reason could there be to watch a series than because it has overweight felines in it? It was this that brought me to Stratos 4, and kept me going with Mai-Otome.
  • Title: if the mere title of a series sounds interesting, or simply vaguely like something that I already like, I feel oddly drawn to it. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: March 25th”

Weekly Round-Up: March 14th

For some reason, over the past week or so I have developed a renewed interest in Facebook, and so I must invite you all to come and social network with me, should you so desire. In the meantime, let’s get back to the important business of discussing anime.

Reviewed this week: Aria the Origination 10, SaiMono II 38-9, Shigofumi 10, Shion no Ou 18, Shounen Onmyouji 24, Spice and Wolf 10, Sisters of Wellber 13

..and in manga: Busou Renkin 38, HxH 272

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Tuesday Rumble: March 11th

Naruto: Flashback Chronicles
chibi-dii-blog.pngEven though I do not watch it myself, it has come to my attention via those that do that Naruto Shippuden is more flashback-laden than the average episode of Gundam Seed Destiny. It is clear, therefore, that the time has come for the series to move to the next stage- in which it abandons all pretence at moving the story and instead dedicates itself to becoming the “Flashback Chronicles”. Here’s how things will work in the new regime.

  • Each episode must begin with a 5-8 minute recap of the previous episode, and also conclude with a recap of the episode in case anyone forgets what happened.
  • Flashbacks of each scene from varying points of view (i.e. negligibly different camera angles) will be heavily used. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: March 11th”

Weekly Round-Up: February 29th

It’s a unique opportunity to be able to post this on February 29th, which also happens to be the day when we girls can propose- possibly why they told me not to come to dancing on Fridays anymore.

Reviewed this week: Aria 8, Himawari!! 2, Kaiji 20, Persona 6, Shion no Ou 17, Shounen Onmyouji 21-2, Spice and Wolf 8, Sisters of Wellber 12

…and in manga: Elfen Lied 82, Erementar Gerad (Elemental Gelade) 27, Mozart Doesn’t Sing Lullabies 9, Nodame 107-8, Ten 1, Tsubasa 183, Twin Spica 8, Yostuba&! 53

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Weekly Round-Up: February 22nd

Reviewed this week: Aria 7, Clannad 18, Kaiji 19, Mai-Otome 0 S.ifr 1, Minami-ke Okawari 7, SaiMono II 36, Shigofumi 6-7, Shion no Ou 16, Shounen Onmyouji 20, Sketchbook 13, Sisters of Wellber 11, Zoku SZS 4

…and in manga: Doujin Work 1-19, Minami-ke 1-21

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Last minute Winter 2007/8 preview

chibi-karura-blog.pngYes, the time has come to complete my first year of previews, although unfortunately I left it so late that I’ll just ignore most of the movies, OVAs and specials to come out in December and get cracking on the series that are intended to sustain us through the cold and depressing weeks of January.

  • Ayakashi: Hmm, another series named Ayakashi- when will they ever learn that this name brings nothing about bad fortune? Apparently this time around, the Ayakashi in question give special powers to their hosts in exchange for draining their life force- sounds a lot like Mushi-Uta. The series has already started, so it shouldn’t be too much effort to try episode one…eventually. Continue reading “Last minute Winter 2007/8 preview”