Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Four hundred years after Claude and Rena saved the universe in Star Ocean 2, the time has come for a new bunch of heroes to rise and protect reality as we know it. As far as college student Fayt Leingod is concerned, however, all he’s up for is a holiday with his family- complete with plenty of time spent in the battle simulator. When their holiday is interrupted by an attack from the alien Vendeeni, however, it catapults Fayt into an adventure that will see him visit new planets and meet new allies on a quest to protect the galaxy he calls home.

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Sunday News Bites: February 3rd

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday News Bites! This week we dragged Claude of Star Ocean 2 away from his lover Dias Rena so that he could comment on the latest news of the hour.

ADV turning Blu?
With the death of Geneon leaving everyone paranoid, further unwelcome news has come with the news that ADV are working through some “short term challenges” which led to certain titles being removed from their site. In the aftermath of these events, ADV seem to have deflected queries by claiming that they are preparing to embrace Blu-ray for their anime releases, but exactly what we’ll be getting from them in the future and in what format remains unclear. Continue reading “Sunday News Bites: February 3rd”

Tuesday Rumble: January 23rd

Spoiler alert: mild spoilers for Death Note vol. 8 and beyond, major spoiler for Higurashi seventh arc (beyond the anime).

Although I firmly hope that I can find time for it, there may not be a Tuesday Rumble next week, since on the 30th I should be travelling over a hundred miles from home for an interview (if only my laptop had a working battery so I could use it on the way).

Death Note A-K
First there was L, then we discovered that L had been training two potential successors- Mello (M) and Near (N). As some might have wondered, however, did anything come before L, or did the dynasty randomly start in the middle of the alphabet? Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: January 23rd”

Star Ocean 2, or how I reopened the gaming era


Over the last few years, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly disillusioned with gaming. I had reached the stage where I was collecting games just for the sake of having them, and either put them straight in the cupboard or played them routinely and dutifully as if they were little more than a tedious chore. In the end, the outcome was inevitable- I packed up my consoles and did not look at them for months. As far as I was concerned, the gaming era was over. Continue reading “Star Ocean 2, or how I reopened the gaming era”