Weekly Round-Up: March 28th

Reviewed this week: Aria the Origination 12, Clannad 21-2, Darker than Black 26, Himawari!! 3, Kaiji 24, KgNE Next Season 2, Minami-ke Okawari 10-12, Mokke 19-23, Moyashimon Microbe Theatre Deluxe 1, Shigofumi 11, Spice and Wolf 13, Zoku SZS 6-7

…and in manga: Busou Renkin 39, HxH 274, Twin Spica vol 2 flashback 1

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Weekly Round-Up: February 29th

It’s a unique opportunity to be able to post this on February 29th, which also happens to be the day when we girls can propose- possibly why they told me not to come to dancing on Fridays anymore.

Reviewed this week: Aria 8, Himawari!! 2, Kaiji 20, Persona 6, Shion no Ou 17, Shounen Onmyouji 21-2, Spice and Wolf 8, Sisters of Wellber 12

…and in manga: Elfen Lied 82, Erementar Gerad (Elemental Gelade) 27, Mozart Doesn’t Sing Lullabies 9, Nodame 107-8, Ten 1, Tsubasa 183, Twin Spica 8, Yostuba&! 53

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Weekly Round-Up: February 15th

Reviewed this week: Aria the Origination 6, Clannad 17, Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino 5, Kaiji 17-18, Koutetsu Sangokushi 23-5, Minami-ke Okawari 6, Mnemosyne 1, Mokke 15, SaiMono II 35, Shigofumi 5, Shion no Ou 15, Sketchbook 12, Spice and Wolf 6

…and in manga: Loveless 9.3-5, Moyashimon 1, Shion no Ou 1-12, Spice and Wolf 5, Twin Spica 6-7

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Sixty Anime You Might Not Have Seen, But Probably Should: Part II

Welcome back to the lengthiest and most pointless project undertaken by this blog, now in its second and final part. First, a couple of disclaimers- I understand that Twelve Kingdoms is very good, but until my DVD boxsets arrive, I can’t comment. Also, Oh! Edo Rocket must be left out until it finishes airing.

Mahou Shoujotai

What’s it about?: Alice has always believed in magic, so when she is transported to a world of witches and wizards, it should be like a dream come true. Unfortunately, contrary to her idealistic vision, the people of this world do not use magic only to bring happiness, and so Alice feels compelled to make everyone listen to her optimistic views- and, naïve as they may seem, they may be the only hope of finding a way to save a dying world and ward off a plan to use powerful black Continue reading “Sixty Anime You Might Not Have Seen, But Probably Should: Part II”

Weekly Round-Up: August 24th

I’ve been awfully negligent about these introductions lately, haven’t I? To make up for it, here are links to some amusing videos- Minesweeper the movie and Facebook Off. Trust me, they’re worth clicking on.

Reviewed this week: Baccano! 3, Darker than Black 20, El Cazador 20, Higurashi Kai 7, Koutetsu Sangokushi 11, Mai-Otome Zwei 4, Mononoke 4, Mushi-Uta 7, ROTK 47, RxJ 18, Seirei no Moribito 19, Sisters of Wellber 4

…and in manga: SaiMono 7, Spiral 48, Twin Spica 5+flashback

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Weekly Round-Up: June 29th

Anime seems a bit thin on the ground this week, so to make up for it completely coincidentally, this week sees the introduction of new Rankings tables, which are of course a complete rip-off of any and all rankings ever seen in anime blogs before this point. The rankings will be divided into three tables- currently airing (including those that just finished), OVAs and slowly-subbed series. The latter two lists will only be updated whenever a new OVA or ‘slow’ series episode is released. Clear as mud? I thought so.

Reviewed this week: Aria 25-6, El Cazador 12, Nodame 21, Emma II 8-9

…and in manga: REC 31, Twin Spica 3-4

I tried to watch Polyphonica 3, but it was so dull that I stopped after a few minutes.

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Weekly Round-Up: February 9th

Real life truly can be pain sometimes; on Wednesday, I had to deal with water pouring through the ceiling thanks to a burst pipe (thankfully there was no lasting damage), and Thursday was the day of numerous power cuts thanks to Wind’s evil brother Snow. Hopefully matters will stabilise soon, before this becomes my personal woes blog.

Reviewed this week: Busou Renkin 18, Death Note 16, Kanon 18, Les Miserables 1, Nodame 3-4, Red Garden 14-15, SaiMono 30, Shounen Onmyouji 10-11

…and in manga: REC 26, Spiral 23-4, Spiral Alive 1, Tsubasa 142, Twin Spica 2

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Twin Spica

From an early age, Asumi Kamogawa has dreamed of becoming a “rocket driver”, but if she wants to have any chance of doing so, she’ll first have to go to Tokyo and enrol in Space School. With the support of her father, teacher and the masked ghost of a deceased astronaut known only as “Lion-san”, Asumi applies to do just that, and, together with the friends she makes along the way, she takes the first steps towards achieving her dream. Continue reading “Twin Spica”

Weekly Round-Up: September 1st

Marie Antoinette explains the principles of advanced disguise.

If not exactly sparse, this week sees a few familiar names absent from the roster (but undoubtedly waiting for the flood of releases that I sense will occur next week). In the meantime, I’ve finally made good on my promise to catch up on a few more manga series and have also fit in all 20 episodes of Twin Spica, which will be written about when I can be bothered in due course.

Reviewed this week: Chocotto Sister, Ginga Densetsu Weed, Hanoka, Higurashi, H&C II, Kemonozume, Keroro, Otogi-jushi Akazukin, ROTK, Tsubasa, Utawarerumono, NHK (School Rumble will return next week)

…and in manga: Chocotto Sister, Erementar Gerad, Furuba, Hunter X Hunter, Mai-Otome, REC, Twin Spica, Utawarerumono Continue reading “Weekly Round-Up: September 1st”