Final Thoughts: Winter Cicada (Fuyu no Semi)

It is the Bakumatsu period, a time of conflict and chaos- both on the battlefield and in the hearts of men. Whilst the rest of the Choushu clan focuses on conflict, however, one man- Kusaka Touma- dreams of a prosperous future where Japan opens itself to foreign countries. Determined to see that future come to pass, Kusaka decides to study English by taking lessons from one Akizuki Keiichirou- a man who sparks feelings in Kusaka that run deeper than mere friendship. But Akidzuki is a member of the Tokugawa bakufu and thus an enemy to the Choushu clan; can the nascent love between these two men really bloom under these conditions, or is it merely doomed to tragedy?

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Weekly Round-Up: July 6th

This week in anime, old series are finishing whilst new ones begin, and licensing forces me to resort to raws once again. The question is- will I ever get around to seeing the rest of Love GetChu and Shounen Onmyouji (surely not the hardest series to understand with or without subs)?

Reviewed this week: Darker than Black 11-12, Dennou Coil 6, Cazador 13, Nodame 22-3, RxJ 12, SaiMono II 12, Seirei no Moribito 12, Emma II 10-12, Winter Cicada 3, Zombie-Loan 1

…and in manga: Claymore 1-73, Claymore Side Story 1, Yotsuba& 47

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Winter Cicada 3 [end]: It started out like Romeo and Juliet, but it ended up in tragedy (part I)

Now the Chief Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Meiji government, Kusaka keeps Akizuki as his secret lover in a guest house at the bottom of the garden, but poor Akizuki no longer feels up to servicing him. Can their love possibly survive, or, as we suspected, was it all doomed from the start?

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Weekly Round-Up: April 20th

“Excuse me, but are those really the only options?”

There seemed to be altogether too much anime to watch this week, but somehow I made it through it all- with the exception of Koutetsu 2, which needs to be given full parody treatment.

Reviewed this week: Iroha 20-22, Cazador 2, Chevalier 19-20, Claymore 3, Darker than Black 2, Heroic Age 2-3, Nanoha StrikerS 2, Romeo X Juliet 2, SaiMono II 2, Shining Tears 1-2, Winter Cicada 2

…and in manga: School Rumble 221, Tsubasa 150

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Winter Cicada 1: My Liang is bigger than your Ezo (part I)

Note: in the ever growing dictionary of parody terms, an Ezo shall now mean a small wang.

In an era of men and Swords, two star-crossed lovers from opposing groups meet and enjoy the finest HARD GAY known to man. Can their love survive, or is tragedy just around the corner in episode 2?

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