Tuesday Rumble: September 30th

How I became ‘perverted’

Maintaining a reputation can be difficult sometimes- one minute you’ve convinced everyone you’re as sweet and innocent as they come, the next you’ve gained a reputation for being a bit of a pervert. The latter isn’t true, of course, but how could such a misunderstanding have come about? Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: September 30th”

Tuesday Rumble: September 16th

FMA2 and the seven new deadly sins

With the recent announcement of a second season of Fullmetal Alchemist coinciding with the Pope announcing seven new ‘modern’ deadly sins, it seems only natural that the two should go hand in hand. Could it be that in this new season, Ed and Al will have to battle seven new Homunculi related to these sins?

Pollution: Like a villain from Captain Planet, Pollution’s only aim is to spew noxious and damaging materials into the atmosphere. Wherever Pollution goes, animals die, plants wither and mysterious mutants turn up. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: September 16th”

Tuesday Rumble: August 5th

Dragons’ Den

Welcome to our regular feature based on the TV program of the same name, in which anime characters try to market their great idea to five fat cats of anime! President Aria made his fortune in the gondola industry of Neo Venezia, and is now CEO of a well-known company. Mikoto started her business in the capital of Wind Bloom, and is now a trusted advisor to the queen, with business partners scattered across the world. The Admiral’s first business venture was to invest in a Chinese restaurant, but a meteor threat to Earth saw her buy shares in ground and space based defence technology, which she currently administers with her protégé “The General” (aka Shogun). Mr Tibbs started his career as a tea cat for the bank, but his sound grasp of finance saw him rise up the ranks until he became one of their most prominent managers. Finally, The Cardinal is the world’s most powerful fat cat, with a wide range of business interests that ensure that he has a paw in every pie (often literally, depending on his appetite). These five cats represent some heavyweight investment clout in every sense of the word, but is any deal attractive enough to get them to roll off their backsides and shake paws with a budding entrepreneur? Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: August 5th”

Tuesday Rumble: July 22nd

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: the lost chapters

2-H enters the classroom, only to see that the whole place is lit by candles- Sensei is in the shadows.

Chiri: Sensei, what’s going on?

Chiri switches the light on, causing Sensei to rise up and scream.

Sensei: You mustn’t!

Maria: Sensei’s a vampire!

(Meru: Idiot.)

Sensei: Turn that light off! Class, today we must spend the entire day without relying on electricity once! Therefore, IT class is cancelled- we’ll watch an educational movie instead!

Chiri: But to watch the movie we’ll need a TV and DVD player.

Sensei: Zetsubou shita! The culture that relies so much on electricity has left me in despair! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: July 22nd”

Tuesday Rumble: January 15th

chibi-dii-blog.pngWhat to do whilst waiting for the next episode of Clannad

Over at Random Curiosity, many seem to be finding it hard to occupy themselves between episodes of Clannad, especially when the series takes a week off. Now, we at Azure Flame are an understanding lot (I say we, but I really mean me), and so we’ve decided to put together some suggestions as to what you can do to ease the pain of those long waits.

  • Watch other anime: I’ve been reliably informed that anime series other than Clannad do, in fact, exist, and some of them are even superior to it. Watching them will surely help the time pass.
  • Rewatch old episodes: If you really can’t accept the existence of those other series, then at least watch the first half of the series again…and again…and again. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: January 15th”

Tuesday Rumble: December 4th

chibi-dii-blog.pngGame World Tour: Final Fantasy VIII

Welcome to a world where school doesn’t have to be all about textbooks and theory- if you’re inexplicably talented and mature for your age, then anyone from age 5-15 can enlist in Garden, an elite school that teaches you how to be a mercenary! From festivals to intense weapons training, the three Garden facilities (Balamb, Galbadia and Trabia) offer everything you could possibly require for those fun and wholesome formative years. You can even learn how to do more than just mindlessly attack your enemy by equipping a Guardian Force (GF) and unleashing awesome magic, summoning and item-using powers (note: some reports claim GF use can have an adverse effect on memory, but these are mere rumours with no scientific backing). Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: December 4th”

Tuesday Rumble: November 20th

Extracts from the Book of HARD GAY: Koutetsu Sangokushi

Part I: Wu

Lu Xun: The main character, young, good-looking and virile. Having been taught by the great Zhuge Liang himself, he knows of many techniques, but he doesn’t seem to take the hint when approached by potential lovers.

Sun Ce: A rough and powerful lover, his skills are enhanced by the Lord’s Cube.

Sun Quan: A gentle, effeminate lover- prefers to be submissive.

Taishi Ci: Another rough and direct lover, prefers to use Axe. Not for those who prefer a man with a bit of finesse. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: November 20th”

Tuesday Rumble: November 13th

chibi-dii-blog.pngClub Prinny

Since most readers on here are above the age of ten, you may or may not be aware of Club Penguin, a children’s website which I admittedly visit once or twice a fortnight to mess around on. Nonetheless, Club Penguin feels lacking in something, and so it seems to me that we must update it for the anime and gaming generation, with an all-new spin on it entitled Club Prinny. On Club Prinny, one must input a number of sins in order to generate a damned soul, which is then sewn into a prinny. After customising your prinny, you can wander around the Netherworld performing tasks to atone for your sins, and generally serving Laharl and Etna. Special events include payday (once a year) and the night of the red moon, where prinnies who have atoned for their sins can finally leave the site. Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: November 13th”

Tuesday Rumble: November 6th- slowly recovering edition

chibi-dii-blog.pngNovember 5th is more traditionally known as Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night in the UK, but not to my little sister, who rather disturbingly referred to it as “Letterbomb Night”. Could this be a sign of the times? Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: November 6th- slowly recovering edition”

Tuesday Rumble: October 23rd

chibi-dii-blog.pngSometimes, you just have to do something completely shameless- for example, just by typing “Dumbledore is gay” here, I can ride the wave of a recent news story and attract more viewers. And now that all you people have come to this blog for no reason, go away again whilst the regular readers click onwards.

Ratchet and Clank Universe

Ratchet and Clank is a great game series, but there are still ways to make it even better- and one of those ways is through R&C Universe. In this innovative game, every planet that has been featured in an R&C game up until now is available to visit, with all the races, space battles and other mini-games that you could ever wish for! Continue reading “Tuesday Rumble: October 23rd”