Sixty Anime You Might Not Have Seen, But Probably Should: Part II

Welcome back to the lengthiest and most pointless project undertaken by this blog, now in its second and final part. First, a couple of disclaimers- I understand that Twelve Kingdoms is very good, but until my DVD boxsets arrive, I can’t comment. Also, Oh! Edo Rocket must be left out until it finishes airing.

Mahou Shoujotai

What’s it about?: Alice has always believed in magic, so when she is transported to a world of witches and wizards, it should be like a dream come true. Unfortunately, contrary to her idealistic vision, the people of this world do not use magic only to bring happiness, and so Alice feels compelled to make everyone listen to her optimistic views- and, naïve as they may seem, they may be the only hope of finding a way to save a dying world and ward off a plan to use powerful black Continue reading “Sixty Anime You Might Not Have Seen, But Probably Should: Part II”

Zipang manga volume 1

Many months ago, I reviewed the Zipang anime, a series which defied all my expectations by being a story that combined World War II and time travel in a way that was most definitely worthy. At the time, the manga was nigh impossible to find in English, but since then, the first volume has come into my possession, and whilst it is only the first link in a much longer chain, it is at least a start. Continue reading “Zipang manga volume 1”