Japanese Kit Kat Selection

Japan is full of strange things. Even the Kit Kat, a fairly standard chocolate-covered wafer bar, has been embraced and transformed into many different weird and wonderful flavours. Armed with curiosity and a love of sweets, my friends and I decided to delve into this mini Kit Kat selection box. Here’s what we found.

Shinsu Apple

Not bad.”

The first bar that we tried. A typical fake apple flavour, similar to cheap, sweet apple cordial.

Hot Japanese Chilli

Thumbs up.”

I approve of this”
“Mmm, chilli”

Nice chilli taste. Given that there are better quality chilli chocolate bars out there, however, not worth stocking up on.

Matcha Green Tea

That one’s awesome.”


We’d had this one before, so it was a pre-existing favourite. A delicious combination of green tea and white chocolate flavours. I would definitely buy a gift pack of just these.

Shizuoka Wasabi

Needs more wasabi.”

Not as wasabi as it could have been.”

Given that wasabi is such a strong flavour, it’s disappointing that these Kit Kats taste so weakly of it. If you really want wasabi chocolate with a kick, then Lindt do a far superior bar.

Kyoto Matcha Green Tea


Not bad”

I like that one.”

Yes, a second green tea Kit Kat – not entirely without merit, but not as good as the first. You might as well stick with the default green tea Kit Kat.

Azuki Sandwich

You can taste the beaniness.”

Not my favourite of beans.”

That’s unpleasant”

Least favourite so far.”

It has a certain nostalgia value.”

Personally, I’m not a fan of azuki bean, and this Kit Kat isn’t going to change that any time soon. It just tastes horrible. Even if you like azuki, I don’t think this Kit Kat is a reliable way to get the taste you crave.


It’s horrible.”


I don’t mind it, actually.”

Could even get used to it.”

I have mixed feelings about fake strawberry, but now that I’m no longer a kid, most of those feelings fall on the ‘ew’ end of the spectrum. I think I could grow accustomed to this one with time, but why bother acquiring a taste for such a rare and dubious treat?

Hojicha Roasted Tea

That’s slightly weird.”

Kind of vegetal.”

Bleurgh, I hate it.”

Unfortunately, we saved the worst until last. At the time of eating, we didn’t even know what Hojicha was, only that this Kit Kat was hideous, and that it should never be consumed again.

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